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Ronald Kaiser
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© 2007-2013 Ronald Kaiser

The format is off on this screenplays are 120 pages long.

PIRATE CALICO CRISS is a fictitious pirate that sails around
the Cayman Islands. All characters appearing in my
screenplays are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons,
living or dead, is purely coincidental. Any resemblance to
Captain Jack Sparrow the Disney character is purely
coincidental Pirate Calico Criss is better looking, stronger,
younger and smarter, he also likes magic and wears calico
skullcaps or calico bandannas at times. More like the known
real pirate Calico Jack. Then again their were many many
pirates. My screenplays are registered with the Writers
Guild of America West and the U.S. Copyright office. Thank

High seas, wind and rain is what the pirate ship "PEGASUS"
is struggling through.  Sharp CRACKS of lighting and the soft low RUMBLE of thunder.

Four pirates are pulling on a rope that goes through a pulley that is going down the below deck stairwell. As the rope pulls up the tip of a beautiful black casket appears from the stairwell. Two more pirates PIRATE BRUIN and PIRATE KRISTEN appear in the stairwell struggling, helping to lift the casket.

Above in the rigging's the main sails are ripped like rags, flapping in the wind. The lighting CRACKS followed by thunder BOOMS. The "Pegasus" is rocking in the sea swells. The pirates struggle with the casket two more pirates PIRATE THOR and PIRATE MORTON push it up from below.

At last the casket is up on the main deck. CAPTAIN GRIST a older hardened looking pirate captain with a leather patch over his right eye watches as the pirates undo the ropes from the casket slipping and sliding on the wet deck as they move it near him.

                       CAPTAIN GRIST
Open it!

The pirate crewmen look puzzled but obey his order. Pirate Bruin knells near it and with his hands he flips open the two hinged flaps that seal the casket. A whoosh hissing sound like opening a vacuumed packed can is heard and a small amount of vapor escapes. He slowly opens the casket.

Crewmen are frozen as they look at the lifeless body of COUNT VON KAISER who looks in his sixties, long gray hair and beard, dressed in a fancy black European style suit, his skin is wrinkled greenish in color. Raindrops bounce off his face as the wind blows his hair.

Lighting flashes and CRACKS as thunder RUMBLES. Captain Grist gets up closer looking at Von Kaiser face. SUDDENLY Von Kaiser's eyes open. Crewmen jolt at this surprise. Von's eyes look left then right, his arms at his side slowly move up to his chest. Crewmen watching his every move. Von struggles a little to sit up.
                       CAPTAIN GRIST
Help him up!

Pirate Bruin gets his hand under Von's arm and helps him
sit up.
Take your time sir. Ill help you up.

Bruin helps Von out of the casket. Von, standing rocking with ship he looks around for a moment then his eyes dart to Captain Grist.

                       VON KAISER
Why did you wake me?

                       CAPTAIN GRIST
My master we are at the mercy of this storm and I fear we'll smash
into those rocks near shore.

Captain Grist points to the shore not far away and the rocks are being hammered by large white cap waves. Von looks and sees waves crashing on the rocks. Lighting flashes CRACK followed by the thunder RUMBLE.
                       VON KAISER
Where are my sisters?

                       CAPTAIN GRIST
Still below Sir. Should we get them up?
                       VON KAISER
Bring them up now!

                       CAPTAIN GRIST (addressing his crewmen)
You heard him. Get the next one up here.
The four crewmen make their way back down the stairwell. Von gets near Captain Grist. And gives him the stink eye.
                       VON KAISER
I'm starving.

                       CAPTAIN GRIST
Sir go into my cabin.
Grist looks around the crewmen on deck and spots the young cabin boy JEAN and points to him.
                       CAPTAIN GRIST
You their Jean go with the Count, find him some bread and wine in my
cabin, now hurry.
Jean hurrays to the captains cabin door and opens it for Von, the men go in and the door is shut.
Below deck its dark a few lanterns light the way as the four pirates pass supplies and cannons to reach the partitioned stern room area of the ship that has five foot of dirt covering the whole room. They crawl across "the grave yard" past the hole that Von's casket was in and approach four other pirates PIRATE STEEN, PIRATE KUND,  PIRATE JESPER, and PIRATE TUMP digging out the second casket with shovels and their bare hands. Water is coming in from above and a lot of the dirt is turning into mud.
That coffin we just took topside.

The men stop digging to listen.
The captain had us open it. Their was a dead man in it, only he
wasn't dead he got up out of the coffin and was talking to the Captain.
The pirates chuckle not believing his story.
He's pulling our leg.

We're not lying, it's the truth. That man in the casket was alive.
It's true the Captain said the man's name was Count Von Kaiser

I don't believe it, these caskets have been buried under here for
three months since we left Germany.

Maybe he was sleeping?

No one could sleep that long.

                       THOR (afraid)
Were about to abandoned ship, were going to hit the rocks on shore
and we'll all go down with the ship.

The ship sways and CREAKS as it lifts from a swell. Lighting
flashes and CRACKS as the thunder RUMBLES.

This time you four take this one topside and you'll see for
yourself. We'll start on the next one.
One of you sneak into the Captain's cabin and see if that cabin boy Jean is in their.

Pirates Steen, Kund, Jesper, and Tump push the casket towards the doorway out.
On deck the Captain's door opens and a new younger handsome looking Von Kaiser appears his hair and beard now black. He walks back on deck. Crewmen glance at him as he approaches Captain Grist.
                       VON KAISER
Captain Grist, their is nothing we can do to avoid those rocks?

                       CAPTAIN GRIST
Nothing sir. Were at the mercy of the sea.

The four pirates start pulling up the rope on the pulley as the second bronze colored casket is being lifted from the stairwell. Pirates Steen, Kund, Jesper and Tump push the casket up onto the deck undo the ropes, and slid it on the wet deck near the Captain and Von. Von knells near it. The rain is washing the dirt and mud off the casket.
                       VON KAISER
I'll open it

Von flips the latches on the lid. A whoosh hissing sound like opening a vacuumed packed can is heard, and a small amount of vapor escapes. He slowly opens the casket. He looks down at PURELL KAISER one of his sisters she looks dead, greenish in color, wrinkled skin and long gray hair. She is wearing a red velvet European style dress. Rain is falling on her face as Von gets closer to her he softly says to her.
                       VON KAISER (softly)
Purell...Purell..Awake my sister.

Von's looking at her face then her eyes open she looks to the left then to the right. She gives him a small grin.
                       VON KAISER
Sister you must get up.

Von gently takes her under the arm, helps her sit up then helps her out of the casket. Pirates Steen, Kund, and Tump are watching in awe and exchange glances at each other in disbelief. Pirate Jesper slips away and disappears into the Captain's cabin.
                       VON KAISER
Captain Grist you remember my beautiful sister, Purell?

Grist has a look on his face like that's not the Purell I remember. He quickly pulls himself together and politely extends his hand.
                       CAPTAIN GRIST
Aye, Purell nice to see you again Miss.

She lightly shakes his hand. Purell looks upset with the conditions of the surroundings the wind, the rain, the pirates staring at her.
                       VON KAISER
Captain Grist my sister needs something to eat.

Grist snaps to it.
                       CAPTAIN GRIST
Aye, I'll take care of it.
Pirate Jesper exits the Captain's cabin and gives Pirate Kund the finger across his throat "the cabin boy is dead" sign. Grist looks at the near by pirates watching and calls out PIRATE TAPPER.
                       CAPTAIN GRIST
Tapper take the lady into my cabin and fix her some bread and wine.

Pirate Tapper steps forward and takes Purell gently by the arm.
This way miss.

Tapper leads Purell into the captain's cabin and shuts the door behind them. A large swell lifts the ship and everyone is hanging on as a large wave breaks over the side.
Lighting CRACKS followed by the thunder RUMBLING. Wind gusts with
sheets of rain.
                       VON KAISER
This is bad, I have to get off this ship now.

                       CAPTAIN GRIST
We can abandoned ship and try to swim for it.
Von looking fearful at that idea.
                       VON KAISER I can't do that.

                       CAPTAIN GRIST
We can stay and pray we don't hit the rocks.
                       VON KAISER
What do you really think of that?

                       CAPTAIN GRIST
We'll hit the rocks and half of us will drown.

                       VON KAISER
Get my other sisters up here now.

Grist looks at the four pirates.
                       CAPTAIN GRIST
Get below and dig out the others.

Pirate Kund looks upset at that order.
It's getting harder to dig them up it's turning to mud down their.

Grist puts his hand on his sword handle.
                       CAPTAIN GRIST (screams)
Get down their now!

The four pirates head back down the stairwell. Lighting flashes CRACK and thunder booms RUMBLE. The captain's cabin door opens and out steps the beautiful Purell her hair is a beautiful light brown. Captain Grist even has to take a double look at her. The crewmen in the area are all looking at her she's beautiful. She approaches Von.
Below deck at the "grave yard" pirates Bruin, Kristen, Thor and Morton are digging away in the muddy soil as pirates Steen, Kund, Jesper and Tump crawl their way over to them.
What did you see up their?
Just like you said, they opened it...a dead woman... then she woke from the dead.

I tell you were doing the Devil's work.

Pirate Thor is nervelessly rubbing his forehead.
We'll all go to hell for this.

The pirates look at each other with fear on their faces.
I know what they are....Vampires from Europe.

The other men freeze listening to him speak.
                       MORTON (afraid)
You know...Vampires are the living dead...I've seen them in
Europe...If we don't kill them, they'll kill all of us. They'll
suck the blood from us to feed.

What do we have to do?

On deck Von is looking for a better option then he spots
along boat strapped to the side of a deck farther up the stern.
                       VON KAISER (pointing to it)
Captain what about that row boat.

                       CAPTAIN GRIST
I don't think you'll find two fools on this ship to row that in this storm.

Von approaches a group of pirates, reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out a pouch with gold coins. This grabs the pirates attention as Von holds it out to them.
                       VON KAISER
This pouch of gold for two brave strong men who can row my sister
and I to shore now.

The pirates look at each other like it's a crazy idea, then PIRATE CAMBRIDGE and PIRATE STONE step forward.
Stone and I will do it.

                       VON KAISER
Very well get that boat ready now
Von walks back to Purell and the Captain. Purell whispers in Von's ear.
                       PURELL KAISER
Von we can't cross water.

Von turns to Captain Grist.
                       VON KAISER
Captain we'll need to be wrapped in cloth or blankets and covered with a canvas.

Below deck at the "grave site" Pirate Thor is sharpening a wooded stake with his knife, the bronzed colored casket is out of the dirt and Pirate Morton is tying the pulling rope to it.
Load your pistols and cover them with a piece of canvas to keep the power dry.
He shows the men how he wraps his pistol with the piece of canvas. Pirate Kristen has a wooden mallet in one hand and three four-foot wooden spear stakes with sharpened tips in the other.
Outside next to the ship, Cambridge and Stone are in the longboat, the waves lifting it up and down as they reach up to receive the wrapped body of Von Kaiser coming down to them tied by ropes. They gently place him in the rowboat. Pirates on deck gently pass down the wrapped body of Purell. Cambridge and Stone place her next to Von. They cover them with a piece of canvas.

Captain Grist looks as the pirates on deck are pulling the rope to the pulley going down the stairwell. Lighting flashes CRACK as the tip of the third casket is coming up. Next to the ship in the long boat Cambridge and Stone row for their lives moving away from the "Pegasus". On deck the third casket is slid in front of Captain Grist. The pirates stare at him. Soft low RUMBLE of thunder.
                       CAPTAIN GRIST
What are you doing. Open it.

Where is Von and that woman?

                       CAPTAIN GRIST
They left us. Cambridge is rowing them to shore. Now open it.

                       BRUIN (determined)
They be Vampire and were not letting any more out.

                       KUND (angry)
Were not doing the Devil's work for you.

Captain Grist pulls out his sword. Two other loyal pirates
standing behind Grist also pull out their swords.
                       CAPTAIN GRIST (menacing)
You swine, I said open it.

Pirate Bruin points his covered pistol at Grist and fires. Captain Grist falls dead to the deck. Just as quickly Pirates Morten and Jesper shoot the other two pirates. Both are mortally wounded and fall dead to the deck. On the longboat Cambridge spots an opening between some rocks and a small section of beach. Cambridge puts his back into rowing a hard as he can.

On deck Pirate Bruin knells next to the third casket, he has a wooden stake in one hand and the wooden mallet in the other. He looks up to all the crew mates standing near by watching, they all have their stakes, pistols, and swords ready in case anything goes wrong. He undoes the latches on the casket. A whoosh sound like opening a vacuumed packed can is heard, a small amount of vapor escapes.He slowly opens the casket. He sees a older dead looking woman RUSHKA KAISER. She has gray hair, wrinkled greenish looking skin, wearing a black velvet European style dress.

Pirate Bruin puts the stake on her chest near her heart. He looks back up at all the pirates watching his every move, they are ready with their stakes and swords as well. Pirate Bruin looks back down at Rushka, just then her eyes open. She quickly sees the stake on her chest and her hand grabs Pirates Bruins. This startles him, he yells out a scream as he raises the mallet. Rushka sees the mallet coming down and lets out a scream.

The mallet pounds the stake. The stake drops into Rushka's chest. She screams in agony showing her fanged teeth. Her body starts to violently shake, the skin on her face turns black and starts to flake off, a GRUESOME site. Then she is still, she's dead. The rain washing the dried blacked skin off her face exposing her skull. A bright flash of lighting fills the sky followed by a loud thunder RUMBLE.  A large wave slams into the side of the ship as it breaks over the deck many pirates are knocked off
their feet, the caskets slide on the deck. The men are in panic.
                       STEEN (terrified)
Abandon ship!

The pirates without thinking start jumping over the side and splash into the waves. Two pirates swimming for their lives are pulled under by the strong undertow. The "Pegasus" near the rocks bobs up and down with the swells. The ship now empty of all crew. The three caskets slide about on the wet deck.
9 Months later. A beautiful day in the Caribbean. A small one-man ship the "RUMRUNNER" is cutting through the water, captained by no other that CAPTAIN CALICO CRISS he is behind the wheel all alone, he has on his calico skull cap. He looks over his cargo on the deck, there are wooded kegs of rum, rolled up new ship canvas sails, five chickens in small wooden cages, and two good size pigs in wooden cages. He takes his spyglass and scans the horizon. Looking back and forth, then he spots a black dot on the horizon to the west of him he lowers the spyglass. Talking to himself.
                        CALICO (talking to himself)
Change course captain, West by South West.

Calico leaves the wheel, moves to the sail, unties a line, and adjusts the sails direction to intercept that ship he sees. The "Rumrunner" sails on.
A breeze flaps a piece of ripped sail up on the mast. On deck everything is still,
just the CREEK of boards as the "Pegasus" drifts on the sea looking like a ghost ship.
The silence is broken with a thump sound as Calico pulls himself over the side onto the deck. He has his pistol ready in hand but he's loosing his grip and drops the pistol to the deck. Then he pulls his leg over the side, gets on the deck and quickly retrieves his pistol.

Calico has his pistol aimed, looking all about, and is very cautious. He looks up at the ripped sails, then back down at the three caskets. All their lids are shut.

Calico makes his way to the wheel and sees the skeleton of Captain Grist and the other two pirates that died with him. Calico tips his hat to them.

Calico reaches down and picks up Captain Grist's piston. Engraved on it across the barrel is Captain Grist, he gives it the once over and puts it in his sword belt. He
gets to the captain's cabin door and slowly opens it.
Inside the captain's cabin Calico enters, its darker in their.  He slowly makes his way around the room. He spots the skeleton of the cabin boy Jean, then the skeleton of pirate Tapper. He leaves and goes back on deck.
Calico approaches Von's black casket. He cocks his pistol.
                        CALICO (talking to himself)
A old pirate trick.
He points his pistol at the casket ready to shoot if anyone is in it. He quickly lifts the lid, its empty. Calico moves over to Purell's casket. He quickly opens the lid, its empty, Calico breathes a sigh of relief, he moves over to Rushka's casket once again ready to shoot. He lifts the lid. Rushka's skull is looking back at him. The gruesome site scares Calico he Shoots BANG striking Rushka's skull right in the center of her forehead. He slams the lid shut, stands and pulls out his sword moving away.
                       CALICO (shocked)
What was that?

Calico gets his composure back and approaches the casket, opens the lid and sees the hole in Rushka's skull forehead still smoking.
Sorry Miss.
Calico has a lit torch and is ready to make his way below deck. Below deck Calico descends the stairs, torch in one hand reloaded pistol in the other.
                       CALICO (cautiously)
Ahoy! Anyone down here?

Its dark and as he approaches a cannon station he opens the cannon flap on the ships side to get a little light down their. He continues on, passing a few crates, and more cannon stations. The he makes it to the "grave yard" section. He lights the area with his torch and sees the dirt pile and the left over holds from the caskets. Feeling the ship is
safe he heads back top side.
Calico is up on the high mast showing he is a capable seaman wraps a line around his arm and is using himself as a counter weight. As he jumps the line is tight and he slowly lowers the rope runs through a pulley system he has rigged up and as he goes down a keg of rum off the "RUMRUNNER" goes up. It stops right at the edge of the deck as Calico touches down. He ties the line off.

He moves the rum onto deck. Calico up on the high mast wraps the line around his arm and jumps. This time as he goes down a large roll of canvas goes up off the "RUMRUNNER" and all the way up to the high mast. Calico a crew of one he is up on the high mast tying into place the new sail he hoisted up.
On deck Calico is tying down with rope Von's casket to the side rails.
                        CALICO (talking to himself)
Someone will pay a nice price for this.

He moves over to Rushka's casket opens it looks around it and spots a beautiful red ruby "blood" stone ring on Rushka's skeleton finger. He takes the ring off her finger
looks at it and puts it on his own finger.
Love, I need this more that you do.
Calico on deck showing his survivor skills has a large iron pot and is flicking a piece of flint on a small rock to make sparks, the sparks are in the kindling and he blows on them and starts a fire. Calico is enjoying a piece of chicken he just cooked having some rum and looks content with the work he has done on his new ship.
I love my new ship.

Calico on deck has the skeleton bodies of Grist, Jean, Tapper, and the other two pirates wrapped in cloth lined up for a quick burial at sea. He tips his hat to them.
Gentlemen in peace.

He picks up one of the wrapped bodies and pitches it over board.
Calico inside the captain's quarters sits at Grist's desk looking through the drawers. He finds a small pouch of coins looks in it and puts it in his pocket. Looking around he finds some letters and documents, he reading them quickly and dropping them when finished. Then a document catches his eye. Reading to himself.
                        CALICO (talking to himself)
Captain Grist for the safe deliver of the four caskets.
He pauses then re reads it.
                       CALICO (curious)
For the safe delivery of four caskets.
On the deck Calico is looking at the caskets he tied to the side rail. Pointing to each one.
Below deck in the "grave yard area" Calico enters with a lit torch, and looks at the dirt holes where the three caskets have been removed from. Pointing to each one.
Then his eyes focus on the area just beyond hole number three a undisturbed area.
Calico is digging the dirt away looking for coffin number
four. Then he hits pay dirt the tip of a bronze casket.
Up on the high mast Calico is using himself as a counter weight, wraps the line around his arm then he jumps but this time is hanging their. The rope leads down to his pulley system then down the stairs, into the "grave yard" and is tied to the handle of the casket. It's stuck in the dirt. Calico hanging from the line jerks his body a few times. He looks down at the deck below.
                       CALICO (concerned)
Not good.

He starts jerking his body some more. Below the casket breaks free and inches forward freeing itself. Calico is being lowered to the deck as the casket is freed.
Below deck its dark Calico opens a few cannon flap doors on the ships side to let rays of light in. Then he approaches the fourth casket. He is a little nervous at this gruesome task of opening the casket, so he takes his pistol out and cocks it. He knells near it and flips the latches. A whoosh hissing sound like opening a vacuumed packed can is heard and a small amount of vapor escapes.

He sees a older dead looking woman CASSIEO KAISER. She has gray hair, wrinkled greenish looking skin, wearing a dark brown velvet European style dress. He reaches in to lift her hand to get her ring when her eyes SUDDENLY open. Cassieo sees Calico but more so to her horror she sees the stream of light coming in across the room from the cannon flap holes.

She lets out a blood curdling scream. This scares Calico, he lets out a scream, and in his hurry to slam the lid shut his pistol fires BANG. Calico quickly gets to his feet and sits on the coffin lid. He is breathing heavy and looks at his smoking pistol.
                       CALICO (shocked)
Didn't expect that.

He looks around the area and spots one of the wooden stakes the earlier pirates had made and left behind. He gets up and gets it. He puts his pistol in his sword belt
and pulls out the other pistol from Grist and cocks it.
                       CALICO (talking to himself)
The person in the box is dead. You saw her eyes open... I must be
seeing things...what about the scream... I must be seeing and
hearing things...I don't like the looks of this one bit.
Calico musters up his courage again and knells next to the casket. In his left hand he has the stake to push up the lid, and in his right hand his pistol ready to shoot, with the stake he starts to lift the lid up, when its up about three inches he peers in to see Cassieo's eyes looking back at him. He has the pistol trained on her.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
Please don't kill me.

What makes you think I'll kill you?

                       CASSIEO KAISER
I know your a Vampire killer, I see my sister's blood ring on your finger.

Calico glances at the ruby ring he took.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
She would never give that ring to anyone. And I see the stake. I
even see you have Captain Grist's pistol. And of course you have me
trapped in the daylight. But Sir if you spare me I can lead you to treasure.

                       CALICO (curious)
Treasure you say?
                       CASSIEO KAISER
Treasure that would fill this ship.

And how do I know you won't try to kill me?

                       CASSIEO KAISER
You'll have to trust me.

But I don't trust anyone. And you did say Vampire.

Calico starts to raise the lid a little.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
Please don't. The light hurts my eyes.
Calico lowers it.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
I swear, I promise you, I give you my word. I won't harm you in
anyway. I'll even tell you ways to protect yourself from Vampires.
And I'll help you find the treasure.
Calico's facial expression like hey this sounds good.
And what do I have to do again?

                       CASSIEO KAISER
Let me live. Tell me all. And I'll tell you all. We trust each other.
We will be partners.

Then we have a understanding... I agree.

                       CASSIEO KAISER
I agree as well. First please tell me of that ring. It belongs to my
sister Rushka.
Was she wearing a black dress?
                       CASSIEO KAISER

I'm afraid she's dead.

Cassieo is angry hisses at Calico and shows her fangs. Calico drops the lid.  After a moment Cassieo lifts the lid a little herself from the inside.
I didn't kill her. I did see her skeleton up on deck. That's were I got the ring.

                       CASSIEO KAISER
And that pistol. Captain Grist's pistol. Were is he?

He's gone as well. I buried him and four other mates at sea.

Cassieo drops the lid. Calico can hear her hiss. After a moment she lifts the lid a little again.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
And my brother Von and my sister Purell what about them?

I don't know of them. Now it's my turn. Your a Vampire?

                       CASSIEO KAISER
Yes I'm a Vampire.

She chuckles to herself.
                       CASSIEO KAISER

I thought you knew this?

Calico faking it like he knew.
                       CALICO CRISS
Well yes..yes and no can never be sure in these matters.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
I'm sorry we forgot to introduce ourselves. I'm Countess Cassieo
Kaiser. You can call me princess Cassieo.

I'm Captain Calico Criss..and you can call me Captain Calico Criss.

                       CASSIEO KAISER
Well Captain Calico Criss why do I sense you are all alone?

Calico looks around the area.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
Calico I can hear your heart beating. I can hear a heart
beating fifty feet away. And yours is the only heart I hear. Why is that?

Calico is spooked out by what she said. But he has to act brave.
Just you and I Love.

Cassieo chuckles to herself.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
So Captain Calico where is the crew?

Their is no crew, Love.

                       CASSIEO KAISER
So tell me Criss are we tied to a dock?

No were in the middle of the ocean. And now I have a question
for you. Are you a Vampire?

Cassieo chuckles.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
Oh yes Captain I'm a Vampire. A very bad Vampire.
Criss is spooked out by what she said, but acts tough.
Well Miss Cassieo did I forget to mention I'm a pirate, a very bad pirate.
Cassieo chuckles.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
So your not a vampire hunter. Captain how long before the sun sets?
About a hour. Why?
                       CASSIEO KAISER
Well I'm hungry and I believe I hear a hog's heart beating.
I was thinking after the sun goes down I'll butcher the hog and we
can have a nice meal on deck.

I'll meet you top side.
Calico gets up and as he exits he looks back at the casket,
his eyes open wide.
The sun had just set and there is a street of small shops leading down to the pub and docks. Most of the shops are closed as Von and Purell walk arm in arm. Followed by Cambridge and Strong who look like two zombie bodyguards. Both men have a dark look about them. Purell is wearing a summer type dress more fitted for the Caribbean climate. And Von sports a fancy white shirt. As they stroll Purell notices a dress shop with lanterns still lit inside, she peers into the window noticing the dresses but more so she spots a handsome man ZAK SMITH just standing their. Purell pulls Von towards the shop door.
                       PURELL KAISER
In here Von.
The SEAMSTRESS sees Purell through the window. The
seamstress opens the door and invites them in.
Miss please have a look.
Purell makes her way in, looking at few dresses, touching the sleeves as she makes her way near Zak. Inside Von stands near the doorway. The seamstress who owns the shop walks into a back room with a dress. Purell gets near Zak and gives him a smile. Zak grins back at her.
                       PURELL KAISER
I don't believe we have met.

She extends her hand to shake his hand.
                       PURELL KAISER
I'm Purell Kaiser.
Zak extends his hand. Purell's index finger nail is sharpened to a point like a dagger.
She is wearing a charm bracelet. As their hands meet Purell pricks the top of Zak's hand with her fingernail. Then she shakes hands. Zak felt it but does not say anything.
                       ZAK SMITH
Pleased to meet you Miss.

Zak quickly spots beautiful ANNE BONNY looking at dresses. Anne looks back at them.
                       ZAK SMITH
I'm Zak Smith and this is my finesse Miss Anne Bonny.
Anne makes a bee line over to them. Anne extends her hand to Purell.
                       ANNE BONNY
Hello, I'm Anne Bonny and you are?
Anne smiles at her. Purell a little upset she interrupted her and Zak then gives her a catty look back, but extends her hand to shake it.
                       PURELL KAISER
I'm Purell Kaiser.
Their hands meet and Purell pricks Anne's hand with her fingernail. Anne quickly pulls here hand back.
                       ANNE BONNY
Ouch. You pricked my hand.

Anne looks at her hand and on the top of it there is a small drop of blood.
                       PURELL KAISER
Oh I'm sorry dear it must have been my bracelet.
Purell holds her hand up showing the bracelet. Von standing back by the door.
                       VON KAISER
Purell don't.
Purell looks at Von and gives him a evil grin, then looks back at Zak.
                       PURELL KAISER
Zak I have to say, you are the most handsome man I have seen in a year.
Zak is looking at the back of his hand, where Purell pricked it their is a small black spot and a drop of blood. Zak feeling a little dizzy grins back at her. Anne is angry at that remark.
                       ANNE BONNY
Excuse me, what are you saying?
                       PURELL KAISER (snotty attitude)
Anne my dear, what I'm saying is I'm going to steal Zak away from you. Do you understand?

Anne feeling a little dizzy. Watches as Purell softly runs the back of her hand down Zak cheek. Purell looks back at Anne and grins at her.
                       ANNE BONNY
No. I don't understand.
Purell turns nasty.
                       PURELL KAISER
What part don't you understand TART!

Purell slaps Anne in the face then pushes her back, into a near by chair, sitting Anne down. Zak instinctively grabs Purell's arms from the back to defend Anne. Purell looks at Zak.
                       PURELL KAISER
Zak take your hands off me. Never touch me again unless I ask you to.
Zak lets go of her and puts his arms down. Zak has a little sweat on his face. Purell gets in Anne's face.
                       PURELL KAISER (snotty attitude)
Now Miss Bonny do you understand.I'm stealing your man.
I want you to watch this.
Purell flashes her fangs and hisses at Anne then turns to
Zak and puts her hands on his shoulders.
                       PURELL KAISER
Zak kiss me.
Zak pauses for a second then he and Purell kiss. Purell looks into Zak's eyes. Zak is under her spell and control.
                       PURELL KAISER
Zak I love you.
Zak looks a little confused but then.
                       ZAK SMITH
Purell I love you.
Anne sitting in the chair looks paralyzed and can hardly move, her face is sweating and she looks dazed and confused but tries to reach for Zak, as her left hand comes up Purell spots her ring and takes it off Anne's finger.
                       PURELL KAISER
You don't need this any more, I'm stealing this as well.
Purell takes Zak by the arm.
                       PURELL KAISER
Zak were leaving. Follow me.
As Anne helplessly watches Purell and Zak walking out of the shop, Von follows.
Anne looks at the back of her hand where Purell pricked her and there is a small black area around it. Her face covered in sweat. Outside Purell, Zak and Von walk away, followed by Cambridge and Stone. Inside the seamstress approaches Anne and tries to help her up.
                       SEAMSTRESS (concerned)
Anne are you alright dear?
Anne collapses to the floor. The seamstress knells down to look at her then gets up.
Anne I'm going to go get the Doctor.
The seamstress exits the shop. Anne's face flat on the floor her eyes are rolling in her head, she is foaming at the mouth a little. The black mark on the back of her hand is
the size of a quarter.
Anne in bed is very sick and unconscious. DOCTOR GRAMBOW is examining her. The Doctor lifts her arm, the black spot has now traveled from her hand, down her arm up to her shoulder,it looks like a black spider web under her skin. GOVERNOR BONNY Anne's father is seated next to the bed watching.
                       GOVERNOR BONNY (concerned)
Please tell me Doctor their is some hope.

                       DOCTOR GRAMBOW
Governor I don't know what it is. My guess is some type of plague.
And she is weaker by the minute.

                       GOVERNOR BONNY
Is their nothing we can do?
                       DOCTOR GRAMBOW
I gave her medicines. I'm sorry.
The Doctor reexamines her arm.
Upset the Governor pours himself a drink. MAID SARA walks into the library.
                       MAID SARA
How is she sir?

                       GOVERNOR BONNY
Not good Sara not good. She's dying.

Helpless his daughter is dying the Governor sobs for a moment. Tears roll down Sara's face.
                       MAID SARA
Sir, if it is of any use, a ship came in last night and I heard
their is a Doctor from Europe with the crew.

                       GOVERNOR BONNY
Sara that's a very good idea, have another doctor look at her. Thank
you. Sara can you go find this doctor and bring him here.

                       MAID SARA
I'll send Richard he's young and fast. He'll find him.

Maid Sara leaves the room as the Governor wipes tears from his eyes.
On the docks RICHARD is walking past the ships asking sailors if they have see a doctor. Richard stops a sailor.
Sir. Have you seen a doctor from Europe new to port?

                       SAILOR 1
They are in the Faircloth pub. A group of men with wide brim leather hats. You can't miss them.

Thank you sir. Thank you.

Richards takes off running towards the pub.

The pub is crowed as Richard enters, he looks around the room and spots the men with the leather hats sitting at table eating. He approaches their table. Four men with wide brim leather hats eating and taking. DOCTOR WICKMAN looks up at Richard, then his three henchmen GURHARD, OTTO, and HINRICK look up. All four speak with a German accent and are wearing lightweight leather dusters the European look.
Richard interrupts them.
Gentlemen please, are one of you a doctor?

                       DOCTOR WICKMAN
I'm Doctor Hans Wickman lad.

                       RICHARD (sense of urgency)
Sir you have to come with me, Anne Bonny is very sick with fever. We
must hurry.

                       DOCTOR WICKMAN
Lad, I'm not that doctor.

Sir you have to help her she's dying.

                       DOCTOR WICKMAN
I'm sorry son, you best look somewhere else.

Richard looks distraught, and turns to leave. Then he bursts out with tears in his eyes to the doctor.
                       RICHARD (pleading)
The black mark is going up her arm to her heart.

Richard in despair turns again to leave. Doctor Wickman
looks at his men then back to Richard.
                       DOCTOR WICKMAN
Lad come here. What was this about a black spot?

Sir most of her arm has turned black. It started on her hand but
now its up to her shoulder. It looks like a black spider web
under her skin.

Doctor Wickman looks at his men, like yep that's it.
                       DOCTOR WICKMAN
Gurhard get my doctors case off the ship. Lad I can't promise you
anything. I'll take a look at her.

The men stand to leave the pub.
Governor Bonny is seated bedside holding Anne's hand, she is unconscious. Doctor Grambow is looking inside his doctors bag.
                       DOCTOR GRAMBOW
You won't let me amputate. You won't let me bleed her.

The door opens as maid Sara enters and is followed by Doctor Wickman and his men. They don't look like doctors and have no bedside manner at all. They storm in like their ready for a fight. Otto and Hinrick move to the other side of the bed. Gurhard at the foot of the bed and Doctor Wickman gets near Governor Bonny. Governor Bonny gets a little upset with their quick entry.
                       GOVERNOR BONNY
What is this?

Doctor Wickman quickly moves the blanket off Anne's chest. He lifts up her blackened arm examining it. Governor Bonny gets angry.
                       GOVERNOR BONNY (upset)
Get your dirt hands off my daughter.

Doctor Wickman sets her arm down and extends his hand to Governor Bonny.
                       DOCTOR WICKMAN
I apologize sir. I'm Doctor Hans Wickman. At you service.

                       GOVERNOR BONNY
At my service? I want you men out of my house now.

Gurhard moves to the door and shuts it, standing in front of it. Governor Bonny starts get get up but Doctor Wickman shoves him back in his seat.
                       DOCTOR WICKMAN (forceful)
We can't do that sir.

Otto, Hinrick and Gurhard pull out their pistols.
                       GOVERNOR BONNY (confused)
This is mad. What are you robbing us?

                       DOCTOR WICKMAN
No sir. You sent for us to save Anne and that's what I will try to do.

                       GOVERNOR BONNY
No no I want you men to leave.

Gurhard gets behind Governor Bonny and restrains him in his
chair, his hands on the Governor's shoulders.
                       DOCTOR WICKMAN
Tie them up.

Governor Bonny is tied and gagged in his chair wide eyed watching Doctor Wickman and his men. Doctor Grambow and maid Sara are tied and gagged sitting on the floor. The blanket removed from Anne who is now in her nightgown unconscious. Otto has a wooded bowl and is cutting up pieces of garlic and then smashing it with a spoon. Otto is done and hands the bowl to Doctor Wickman.
                       DOCTOR WICKMAN
Governor Bonny I truly am sorry... I know this is your daughter. And
I'll try to explain what we have to do.

Doctor Wickman hold up Anne's arm.
                       DOCTOR WICKMAN
You see this. This is the poison going through her. Towards the
heart. The poison of a vampire.

Governor Bonny upset fights to break free of his bonds but can't. His voice muffled by the gag. You can see the fear in his eyes.
                       DOCTOR WICKMAN
I know. I know. But here is the proof.

Doctor Wickman moves towards Anne, turns her head towards the Governor, takes his thumb and lifts Anne's upper lip exposing her fang. The governor's eyes widen in shock.
                       DOCTOR WICKMAN
The good news if you want to call it that. Their are no bite marks
on her neck. The bad news is I believe she has been pricked by a vampire.

Doctor Wickman shows Governor Bonny the bowl of cut up mashed garlic.
                       DOCTOR WICKMAN
This is cut up garlic. I'm going to rub this on the black sores and
I have to put some in her mouth.

Doctor Wickman turns to his men.
                       DOCTOR WICKMAN
Hold her and get your stakes out.

Hinrick at Anne feet reaches inside his duster and pulls out two wooded stakes places them and his pistol on the bed then holds her by her ankles. Otto positions himself half on the bed, takes one hand and has Anne by the hair the other hand under her jaw to open her mouth when the Doctor tells him to. Gurhard cocks his pistol.
Silver bullets loaded sir.

Doctor Wickman looks over his men to make sure everyone is ready. Then he puts his hand in the bowl of garlic mix taking out a handful.
                       DOCTOR WICKMAN
Ready. Otto as soon as I put this on her arm open her mouth.

Otto nods his head. Wickman looks one last time at the governor then quickly spreads the garlic on Anne's arm. She quickly starts to trash around. Wickman grabs another handful out of the bowl. Otto opens her mouth, he can see her fangs as Wickman stuffs the garlic into her mouth. Otto lets go. Anne screams like she is on fire and sits up her eyes open. Doctor Wickman and Hinrick restrain her. Gurhard is aiming his pistol at her ready to kill her. Otto holding a wooded stake above his head ready to stab her.
Anne gasping, spitting out garlic. She is not sure where she is or who these men are. At last she sees her father.
                       ANNE BONNY (scared)

Doctor Wickman lets her go, she scampers across the bed to
her father with tears in her eyes so glad to see him.
                       ANNE BONNY

Doctor Wickman takes the Governor's gag down, then unties him.
                       GOVERNOR BONNY
Anne are you alright?

                       ANNE BONNY
Of course I'm alright. Why are these men in my room? Who are
these men?

Anne and her father embrace.
                       GOVERNOR BONNY
I'll explain everything.

The governor looks up at Doctor Wickman.
                       DOCTOR WICKMAN
Miss show me your teeth.

Anne confused about that question.
                       VON KAISER
I'll not show you my teeth.

Doctor Wickman cocks his pistol and points it at her. Anne confused looks at her father he nods his head yes. She then lifts her lips showing Wickman her teeth. They are normal again. Wickman lowers his gun.
                       DOCTOR WICKMAN
Untie these other ones.

Dusk. Calico sitting on deck near the wheel, drinking rum, watching as the sun drops into the horizon. He has his small fire burning in the iron pot. Its a beautiful quiet night the only sound is the soothing CREAKING of the ships boards and the ship gently rocks.
The loud SQUEALING of a pig down below breaks the silence. The sound jolts Calico his eyes wide open listening. Then dead silence. Calico's eyes are focused on the stairwell, he can hear her coming up the steps. A very different looking, beautiful and young Cassieo appears, her hair now light brown. She is carrying a small slab of pork ribs. She slowly walks over near Calico. He is frozen by her good looks. She knows it and gives him a big smile. She sets the ribs down on a nearby crate.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
Captain Calico Criss.

Calico stands up.
At your service Miss.

Cassieo smiles again, taking in a deep breath of evening
You look different.

Her eyes look up at the stars.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
It must be the star light, people tell me a look better at night, do
you agree?

Calico turns his head and bites his finger then turns back
to her.
Yes I do agree.

Cassieo looks around the empty deck, she looks up in the
rigging's, then back down and spots the three caskets.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
The "Pegasus", yes this is the "Pegasus". And you being a pirate.
This is yours now... yes?

Calico shakes his head yes.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
May I.

Cassieo strolls over to the caskets, Calico right near her
follows, he points out the first two.
These two are empty.

Cassieo knells next to the third, Rushka's casket putting
her hands on the lid.
You don't want to do that.

Cassieo looks up at Calico.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
I have to.

She slowly opens the casket and sees Rushka's skull and bones looking back at her. She shuts the lid and lays her head and hands on it crying and sobbing.
                       CASSIEO KAISER (upset)
Rushka, Rushka my dear sister why did they have to kill you.

Cassieo stands up, tears rolling down her face, she turns to Calico.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
Can you please hold me?

They embrace, her head is in his shoulder. Calico comforts her.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
They killer her in her sleep. They didn't have to kill her. And if I
ever find the man who shot her in the head I'll rip his heart out.

Calico eyes open wide and roll.
A small fire is burning, ribs are cooking, Calico and Cassieo are sitting next to each other, back's against a wall drinking rum.
A toast to your dear sister Rushka.

They click rum cups in a toast.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
Thank you. Calico can you please bury my sister at sea like you
said you did with Grist and those other men. Tomorrow while I sleep.

Calico nods his head yes. Cassieo has a small map in her
hand and shows Calico, she points out a small island in the Caribbean.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
Here it is, this is the island my grandfather hid his treasure.

Calico points to a spot on the map.
Were about here. That could take us a month to get their.

                       CASSIEO KAISER
Now were partners and agree to protect each other, you tell no
one I'm a vampire and I tell no one your a pirate correct?

Till death.

They shake hands on it.
And you you say your a vampire, I don't see any fangs.

Cassieo smiles at him.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
Would you like to see them?

Just a peek.

Cassieo has her mouth closed and runs her tongue around her front teeth. Calico is moving his face closer for a better look. Then Cassieo opens her mouth showing fangs and hisses at him. Hes is startled, he has the look on his face like she really
is a vampire. The "Pegasus" slowly drifting into the night with the smaller "Rumrunner" in tow.
Anne is looking much better. She and Governor Bonny, Doctor Wickman, Doctor Grambow, Otto, Gurhard, and Hinrick are at the dinning room table, Maid Sara is serving them tea.
                       DOCTOR WICKMAN
Let me start at the beginning so you have a better understanding.
We are Vampire hunters,sponsorship is from the Royal church.
We four are from Germany. And each and every man on our ship the "REVENGE" has had a loved one taken away by a vampire.

                      ANNE BONNY
 I'm so sorry.

                     DOCTOR WICKMAN
The vampires even though sometimes looking human and acting as anyone else would act, are really cold blooded killers. They feed on human blood and will stop at nothing to feed.

                       DOCTOR GRAMBOW
Oh stop this. Your scaring Anne. You have no proof of this. Anne's
fever broke because of the medicines I gave her.

Then how do you explain her fanged teeth?

                       DOCTOR GRAMBOW
Anne has no fangs, dear show them you beautiful smile.

Anne smiles.
Well she did have them.

                       GOVERNOR BONNY
Your not saying my daughter is a vampire are you?

                       DOCTOR WICKMAN
No, no, not a vampire, but I believe she was pricked by one.
Anne can you please think to the last day you remember before
getting sick. What were you doing?

Anne is trying to remember.
                       ANNE BONNY
Everything is foggy.

                       DOCTOR GRAMBOW
Anne you don't have to play this witchcraft game with these men.

Anne sadden thinking about Zak.
                       ANNE BONNY
My finesse Zak no one can tell me where he is.

                       DOCTOR WICKMAN (perks up)
Someone is missing?

                       DOCTOR GRAMBOW
We believe Anne and Zak both had the fever at the same time, and
Zak went for help and is lost until his fever breaks.

Or perhaps the vampires got him.

                       GOVERNOR BONNY
That's it. You men are upsetting the ladies. I insist we end this
now. And I have to ask you gentlemen to leave.

Von and Purell are very good at what they do.

Anne is trying to think back, as the men rise from the table to leave.
                       DOCTOR WICKMAN
My parting words Governor, Anne I do apologize if our style on this
matter was course, we meant no harm.

Anne trying to remember.
                       DOCTOR GRAMBOW
Gentlemen in this day and age we do not believe in witchcraft or vampires.

The men turn to exit and take a few steps to the door. Anne calls out to them.
                       ANNE BONNY
Purell... Purell that was the woman's name, Doctor Wickman wait.

                       GOVERNOR BONNY
No Anne don't get involved in this.

                       ANNE BONNY
Father I remember bits of it, please everyone sit and hear me out.

Everyone sits back down to listen.
                       ANNE BONNY
It was late, Zak and I were at the dress shop.

                       DOCTOR GRAMBOW
Oh Anne darling, that's were we
found you. You fell to the floor
and hit your head.

                       HINRICK (forceful)
Doctor you let her speak.

                       DOCTOR GRAMBOW
Anne the seamstress was at the
shop, she made no mention of
werewolves or vampires.

                       ANNE BONNY
No, no before that. I was looking
at a dress, and a very attractive
woman walked in. She was taking to
Zak. I went over to them.

Everyone eyes glued on Anne telling her story.
                       ANNE BONNY
Then she said it, she said her
name Purell....Purell Kaiser.

Doctor Wickman slaps his hand on the table.
                       DOCTOR WICKMAN
I knew it. Their she said her name
Kaiser, Purell Kaiser.

Doctor Wickman reaches into his pocket and takes out a folded piece of paper with a drawing on it, he then unfolds it.
                       DOCTOR WICKMAN
Governor here is you proof. None of us ever spoke the name Kaiser,
but your daughter just said it, look here.

Doctor Wickman hands the Governor the paper. He looks at the SKETCH of Von Kaiser's likeness, and on the bottom is printed "Von Kaiser". Anne excited to see it takes the drawing and studies it.
                       ANNE BONNY
That's the man. This man was in the shop with her.

                       GOVERNOR BONNY
Anne you can't be sure.

                       ANNE BONNY
Oh father I'm sure. I remember now, and this man was their.

Doctor Wickman nods his head to Otto.
                       DOCTOR WICKMAN
Anne please continue.

                       ANNE BONNY
I remember, your right Doctor she pricked me, then she said it was
her bracelet.

                       DOCTOR WICKMAN
No, it was her sharp finger nail.

                       ANNE BONNY
I looked at the back of my hand and their was a drop of blood on it.

Then......Anne pauses like she's in dream land.
                       DOCTOR WICKMAN
Take you time.

                       ANNE BONNY
I became dizzy....

Anne pauses looking worrisome.
                       ANNE BONNY
She slapped me. She slapped me in the face.

Then....Anne thinking back has a scary "point of view" flash back of Purell slapping her, flashing her fangs and hissing at her this spooks Anne. Anne jolts backward with a fearful gasp.
                       ANNE BONNY (anguish)
Then she showed me her fangs and hissed and me.

The men looking at each other.
                       ANNE BONNY
That's the last thing I remember.

Anne looks a little dazed, maid Sara brings her a cup of tea and sets it in front of her.
                       MAID SARA
Miss Anne, please drink this.

                       ANNE BONNY (sadness)
They took him. They took Zak.

Doctor Wickman is looking at Anne.
A bright beautiful day. The "Pegasus" is sailing but only has
a few small sails operational, the ones Calico fixed.
Inside the Captains quarters its dark, heavy curtains cover the windows. Calico and Cassieo are sitting at the table with a few small candles lit. Calico is drinking rum.
Cassieo has a glass of wine.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
So now you know all the secrets of vampires. How to kill them, how to hurt them. A wooden stake through the heart, a silver bullet through the head or heart, daylight. And you being a fine swordsman a silver tipped sword through the heart.

I see, these are things my dear mother never taught me.

                       CASSIEO KAISER
My brother , sisters and I traveled all over Europe, using
many different names.

Cassieo chuckles.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
You are one of the few people who even know my real name. And we had
the very best tutors that's why I speak English so well. As well as
French, Spanish, German and Russian.

                       CALICO (concerned)
And you can't walk outside now?

                       CASSIEO KAISER
No, I would be dead in a heartbeat.

Calico shows Cassieo a spot on the map by a few islands.
Our problem is finding a crew. And I didn't tell you this but I have
a large price on my head.

Cassieo smiles at him.
                       CASSIEO KAISER (jokingly)
Oh dear I'm traveling with a wanted man. And I bet you have a
beautiful woman in every port.

Calico's boosting.
I have a few lady friends in every port. I have to stay on the
move. I'm the most wanted pirate in the seven seas, every navy is
looking for me.

                       CASSIEO KAISER
See we do have a lot in common. You being hunted by every navy,and me
by vampire hunters.

Their is one thing bad about having a pirate crew. They all
want to be captain.

                       CASSIEO KAISER
That's were I'll help you. I'll make sure no one takes over your ship.

Cassieo smiles showing Calico her fangs.
And how can I protect you? If we have a crew or hit land?

                       CASSIEO KAISER
I know we'll tell the crew I'm your woman, and I sleep during the
day because I'm the night watch. I sail the ship at night that way we
keep moving day or night. And you did say you would teach me to sail.

Pirates know of these men women arrangements.

Cassieo gets close to Calico and puts her arm around him.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
I'll put on a show, they'll know I'm you woman, believe me.

Calico looks at her and grins.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
Calico are you wondering why I have told you the secrets of the vampires?

It did cross my mind.

Cassieo gets up from the table slowly walking around it.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
Were not sure what happened on this ship, are we. We know I was
left behind. Left behind to die. We know Rushka was killed. But
what about my brother Von and my sister Purell, what happened to them?

I found this ship a drift floating like a ghost ship.
I found Captain Grist and a few mates dead. Then your sister. Then you.

                       CASSIEO KAISER
I still worry if Von and Purell some how, some way made it off
this ship alive. And if they did,they will be after our treasure.
If we cross their path we'll have to kill them before they kill us.

                       CALICO (concerned)
That's your brother.

                       CASSIEO KAISER
Half brother, and if he did get off alive, why did he leave me
here to die, and how could he let them kill Rushka.

He's still your brother.

                       CASSIEO KAISER
Only in name, I hate him. He killed our father. He killed him
just for power. Remember with vampires its all about power.

Maybe the same men who killed Rushka killed him and Purell and
pitched them over board.

                       CASSIEO KAISER
Maybe..let's hope so. The thing you don't understand is my sisters
and myself feed. Feed on blood yes. But just to stay alive, just
like you eat. But Von...Von kills for sport.

Cassieo sits down next to Calico.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
One thing Calico. That ring. Rushka's ring, when we find the
treasure. You can have it all. But that ring, my sister's ring, I
want it back.

Calico looks at the ruby ring on his finger, then slides it
off and sets it in front of Cassieo. Cassieo picks it up.
Now do you trust me?

Cassieo smiles and puts the ring on her finger.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
With my life.

Calico stands and slowly walks around the table.
We have to find and fit a crew.

Cassieo has two velvet pouches with gold coins in front of
her on the table.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
We have this money to use, and we can sell the merchandise below,
clothing and items that belonged to my sisters and Von.

Those items are yours.

                       CASSIEO KAISER
Were partners Calico. And this is one reason I know for sure you
didn't kill Rushka.

Cassieo raises one velvet pouch of coins.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
At the foot of each casket their is a hidden trap door where we
kept our gold. Rushka's was still their. And Purell's and Von's is gone.

How did I miss that?

                       CASSIEO KAISER
A new pirate trick I've showed you.

And how are we going to explain these caskets to a new crew?

                       CASSIEO KAISER
You must be kidding. They are nice to sleep in. Much better than
laying out on the hard deck or in a rope hammock. Captain I insist
tonight you sleep in Von's casket.

                       CALICO (concerned)
I'm not sure about that.

                       CASSIEO KAISER
Trust me Calico you'll sleep like a baby.

Cassieo smiles at him.

                       CASSIEO KAISER
And Captain if you could please bring up my cello from below.

Calico takes a gold coin out of the velvet pouch and places

Let me show you a pirate trick.

Calico uses this coin magic trick to impress the ladies. Cassieo looks at the coin in Calico's hand as he covers it with a piece of cloth.
Now you see it.

He quickly removes the cloth and the coin is gone.
Now you don't.

Calico gives Cassieo a smile. But she is not to be out done.
She puts out her open hand to Calico.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
Put a coin in the palm of my hand. A old vampire trick.

Calico takes another gold coin out of the velvet pouch and places it in Cassieo's palm. She closes her hand over the coin as Calico watches. Cassieo is squeezing her fist as
smoke comes out from between her fingers. She opens her hand and all that is left of the coin is burned ash. She turns her hand as the black ash falls out of her hand. Calico
looks in disbelief.

Calico's face in a deep sleep. Calico is sound asleep in Von's casket, on deck with a stick propped up is holding the lid up. It's a beautiful night and Cassieo is set up with
her cello. She looks at Criss sleeping like a baby, saying to herself.

                       CASSIEO KAISER (to herself)
Calico darling if only you knew.

Cassieo starts to play Bach's Suite # 1 in G major, the "Pegasus" sails slowly away in the dark toeing the "Rumrunner".
Port Johnson is a small harbor town that caters to pirates. Tied to a dock is the huge pirate ship The "EMPRESS" a ship of the line, there are a few pirates guarding her. Not far from the docks is the town pub the Sea Shell. Von, Purell, Zak, Strong and Cambridge approach the door to the pub but stop to look at the "Empress".
                       VON KAISER
Now that's a ship.

A lady of the night opens the pub's door, inviting them in.
                       NIGHT LADY
Care to join us?

Von grins at her, as he and the others enter.
The pub is crowded with pirates from the "Empress" their eating, drinking and loud. Ladies of the night all about, all are having a merry time. As soon as Purell, Von and crew enter it starts to get quiet quickly as pirates eye the strangers walking in.

As Purell looks at the pirates they freeze in their tracks looking back at her beauty. Von not intimidated spots an open table and guides her to it. They all sit. A bar maid quickly gets up to them.
Drink or food?

                       PURELL KAISER
A glass of wine please.

No wine, only rum or warm beer.

Purell disappointed lowers her head slightly shaking it.
                       VON KAISER
We'll all have rum. What foods do you have?

Only stew and bread.

                       VON KAISER
Bring us all stew and bread.

You pay now, two pieces.

She puts her hand out. As Von pulls out his money pouch the pirates in the pub are
watching him. Von reaches in it and hands her two pieces of eight. She leaves the table and the pirates start talking, drinking, and moving about again. Across the room sitting at a table are CAPTAIN CROW the captain of the "Empress", he's a large man. A merciless pirate and a gambler.

Next to him is PIRATE NEPTUNE HORN a younger fit man who is Crow's first mate. Pirate Horn gets up from the table and stands in the center of the room. He has a dagger in his hand and flips it in the air catching it a few times showing off his skill. Von and Zak are closely watching him. Pirates near by get out of his way.

Pirate Horn quickly throws the dagger across the room, it sticks into the wall near a "target" a small square piece of wood nailed onto the wall.

The barmaid is bringing Von's table their rum and food. Captain Crow whispers to a pirate at his table, the pirate gets up and exits the pub. Pirate Horn walks over to
retrieve his dagger then walks back to the center of the room.
                       NEPTUNE HORN  (cocky)
Anyone wish to throw the dagger for a wager.

Horn looks around the room for any takers.
Then Captain Crow laughing, speaks out as he stands up.
                       CAPTAIN CROW
What is the wager lad? And don't waste my time.

Captain Crow walks towards center room. People move out of his way.
                       NEPTUNE HORN
A years wage.

Captain Crow laughs.
                       CAPTAIN CROW
Tell you what, I win I take your wage, you win I double it. What say you?

                      NEPTUNE HORN

                       CAPTAIN CROW
Your throw.

Captain Crow stands back to give Horn room. Everyone is quiet watching Horn getting ready to throw his dagger at the target. Von's enjoying the show as Horn throws his dagger it flies across the room sticking into the wall about a inch below the piece of wood target. Captain Crow laughs.
                       CAPTAIN CROW
A good throw, a good throw indeed. But men now I have to show you why
I'm the captain of the Empress and your not.

Captain Crow turns away from the target takes two steps farther from it, tips his hat to Purell.
                       CAPTAIN CROW

Captain Crow quickly turns throwing his dagger. It flies through the air and hits the target dead center. The crowd cheers. Pirates congratulate Crow. Purell turns back to her meal lifts the spoon out of the bowl, looks at it and lets the stew fall back into the bowl. She's surprised when two wine glasses are set on the table near her. She looks up to see Captain Crow holding a bottle of wine.
                       CAPTAIN CROW (very polite)
Miss. Can I pour you a glass?

Purell smiles at him.
                       PURELL KAISER
Yes sir. Please do.

Captain Crow takes the cork out of the bottle then pours a glass for Purell then he looks at Von.
                       CAPTAIN CROW
And you sir?

Von holds out the other glass and Crow pours him some wine
then sets the bottle down.
                       VON KAISER
Why thank you. Would you like to join us?

Captain Crow slides a chair over and sits next to Purell. Von extends his hand for a shake. Other pirates from Crow's crew are near keeping a good eye on Von's party.
                       VON KAISER
I'm Count Von Kaiser and this is my sister Purell.

Captain Crow shakes his hand then looks at Purell, who lifts her wine glass to him then takes a sip.
                       CAPTAIN CROW (arrogant)
I'm Captain John Crow, I captain and own the "Empress". You may have
see her outside.

                       PURELL KAISER  (ditsy)
Oh my. That large ship docked outside is yours?

                       CAPTAIN CROW
Aye, Purell, my ship. And your his sister. My my.

                       VON KAISER  (with surprise)
And I must say. You and your men look like pirates.

Captain Crow not sure what to make of that remark. He gets a little cocky.
Nearby pirates perk up.
                       CAPTAIN CROW (cocky)
Aye, this is a pirate town and yes we are pirates. Very nasty pirates.

                       VON KAISER
Oh good. That's what I want to be. A pirate.

Captain Crow laughs.
                       CAPTAIN CROW
A pirate. Aye.

                       VON KAISER
Well not just a pirate, but a pirate captain like you.

Captain Crow laughs.
                       CAPTAIN CROW
Its not that easy.

                       VON KAISER
But I could make it easy.

Captain Crow looks around the table, sizing them up, then at
some of his nearby pirate crewmen.
                       CAPTAIN CROW
And how might you do that?  (inquisitive)

                       VON KAISER
See you and I have a lot in common. We both love beautiful
things, and we both like a good wager.

Its starting to get quiet in the pub as more people are trying to listen in. Captain Crow looks at Purell, who gives him a big smile. Captain Crow gets serious.
                       CAPTAIN CROW  (forceful)
I've killed over twenty men in duels. To stand where I'm standing.

Von chuckles and smiles.
                       VON KAISER
Why, that's even better yet. I've only killed ten men in pistol
duels myself.

Captain Crow is puzzled where this is going, changing the subject.
Addressing Purell.
                       CAPTAIN CROW
Would you like another bottle of wine?

                       VON KAISER  (menacing)
No! I don't want a bottle of wine, I want your ship.

Captain Crow pulls his pistol, keeping his hand on it, sets it on the table.
Now its very quite in the pub.
                       CAPTAIN CROW
Nobody takes my ship.

Von very chipper smiling at Captain Crow.
                       VON KAISER
Not even for a good wager?

                       CAPTAIN CROW
You have nothing I want, nothing worth the "Empress".

                       VON KAISER

Von looking around thinking.
                       VON KAISER
Not even my beautiful sister Purell.

Captain Crow laughs.
                       CAPTAIN CROW
If I wanted your sister, I would just kill you and take her.

Von looking disappointed.
                       VON KAISER
And here I thought you were a man of wager, a man of sport.

Captain Crow looks at Purell.
                       PURELL KAISER
One thing you don't understand captain I hate my brother. He
treats his dogs better than me. And I'm worth more that that ship of yours.

Purell stands.
                       PURELL KAISER
How many men here would die to have me as their woman?

The pirates all cheer to be hers. Purell sits back down.
She looks at Captain Crow as she putting her hand on his.
                       PURELL KAISER  (flirtatious)
If you beat him, and if you treat me good. I'll even have your
little pirate babies.

The pirates cat call and chuckle in delight at what she said.
Then silence waiting on Captain Crows respond. Crow looks at Purell a little jittery.
                       CAPTAIN CROW
About those babies?

                       PURELL KAISER  (serious)
As many little pirate babies as you can father.

The pirates cat call and chuckle in delight but as Captain
Crow stands it gets real quite.
                       CAPTAIN CROW
Von! Pistols or daggers!

The pirates all cheer for the duel. Captain Crow is standing in the center of the room ready to make his dagger throw at the target. He takes aim and throws, the dagger lands about a inch below the target. The pirates cheer as Crow walks down to take a look at his dagger. Von steps to the center, takes aim then throws his dagger. A perfect hit, bull's eye. The pirates all cheer. Von raises his arms in victory.
                       VON KAISER  (bragging)
You may now call me Captain Von Kaiser.

Captain Crow is angry, he pulls his dagger from the wall turning to Von.
                       CAPTAIN CROW (angry)
Nobody takes my ship!

Captain Crow throws the dagger at Von. It quickly flies
towards Von, but Von catches it.
                       VON KAISER  (pompous)
It's my ship now!

Von quickly throws the dagger back at Captain Crow, it hits
him in the heart, he falls to the ground dead. All in the pub are silent.
Von starts to walk towards the door.
                       VON KAISER
My ship is leaving now. If you men want to be part of the crew, get aboard.

Von continues out and most all of the pirates are following him out.
As Purell is walking out the barmaid looks at her.
I guess no little pirate babies that's a shame.

Crewmen are bring the last of their supplies aboard the "Revenge". On deck Anne Bonny, Governor Bonny, and Doctor Wickman are saying farewells.
                       GOVERNOR BONNY
Anne please, please don't go.

                       ANNE BONNY
I have to.

The ships bell rings to gather the crew for Doctor Wickman's announcement. The crew gathers as the Governor gives Anne a hug. Doctor Wickman introduces Anne.
                       DOCTOR WICKMAN
Men this is Anne Bonny. She will be going with us. It is most
important we protect her with our very lives.
Not just because she is a beautify young lady.

Doctor Wickman turns and looks at Anne. She grins.
                       DOCTOR WICKMAN
But because she is risking her very life for all of us.

The crew cheers.
                       DOCTOR WICKMAN
Miss Bonny has recently spotted Von Kaiser and knows how he looks
these days.

The crew cheers, Wickman quiets them.
                       DOCTOR WICKMAN
And better yet, she has seen Purell Kaiser and can identify her
as well.

The crew cheers. Wickman quiets them.
                       DOCTOR WICKMAN
We also know now they were here but two weeks ago. They left on a
merchant ship heading West. Revenge is ours! Our loved ones
they took from us will be revenged!

The crew cheers!

British officer CAPTAIN ROGG approaches Doctor Wickman.
                       CAPTAIN ROGG
Sir the Royal Navy has sent my orders, I'm under your command for
the next eight months.

                       DOCTOR WICKMAN
The Royal Church has it's ways.

Captain Rogg shows Doctor Wickman a map and points to a location on it.
                       CAPTAIN ROGG
Were still fitting our ships, we'll meet up with you in two
weeks here.

                       DOCTOR WICKMAN
Very well Captain Rogg.

Captain Rogg salutes Doctor Wickman.
All of Von's new nasty looking pirate crew is gathered on deck waiting to hear a few words from their new captain. Von neatly dressed is making his way through the pirates from the bow to the captain's deck making eye contact with the pirates as he does. He stops and turns to address them.
                       VON KAISER
Most of you men have been at sea for years, I have not.

The pirate crew intensely listen to him.
                       VON KAISER
Most of you men have been pirates all your life, I have not.

Von looking over his new crew as he speaks.
                       VON KAISER
But this is my ship and I'm your captain. So I guess I have to
prove a few things to you. Who here is the strongest man?

The pirates look around at each other.
                       VON KAISER
Come on, don't be shy, who amongst you is a killer, a real killer?

The pirates look around at each other. Von laughs at them.
                       VON KAISER
No one will fight me to the death for this ship? I'll even let you
have my sister Purell if you kill me.

Purell is standing with zombie looking Zak Smith, Strong, and Cambridge. Who are still under her spell and control.  Zak takes a step forward but Purell puts her arm out and stops him.
                       PURELL KAISER

Zak stands down. Von is angry and yells at the crew.
                       VON KAISER  (angry)
What do I have here a crew of Nancy girls!
I'll use no weapons, you can use your sword and a dagger.

Von raises his arms turning showing he's unarmed.
PIRATE CRENNEL a large nasty looking pirate makes his way through the men up towards Von. He hands off his pistol to a pirate, he has his sword in one hand and his dagger in the other. All the crew still watching as Crennel is about five feet away from Von.
                       VON KAISER
What's you name pirate?

Crennel, sir.

                       VON KAISER
Very well Crennel, show me no quarter, because I'll show none.

Very well. Sir. I'll just kill you.

Crennel grits his teeth as he pumps himself up. The two men
get closer and eye each other. Von smiles at him.
                       VON KAISER
Well do something you bloody tart.

Crennel swings his sword at Von's head, Von ducks down and as Crennel's arm passes over Von punches Crennel in the ribs, everyone can hear them BREAK. Crennel staggers in pain then quickly turns and thrusts his sword at Von's chest, it misses as Von traps Crennel's right arm under his left, them smashes Crennel's right forearm with his right forearm, everyone can hear Crennel's forearm BREAK.

Crennel in a lot of pain manages to hold onto Von and sticks his dagger into Von's back right shoulder blade, it has no effect on Von. Von places both his hands on Crennel's face, looks him in the eye, smiles, and then SNAPS his neck. Crennel falls dead to the deck. The crew staring at Von as he casually brushes himself off. PIRATE DASH standing nearby.
Sir, you have a dagger stuck in your back.

Von with his right hand reaches back over his shoulder and pulls the dagger out of his back, he looks at it, then throws it across the deck. THUMP it sticks in the main mast post.
                       VON KAISER
Let that remind you who the
captain is on this ship.

The crew looking at the dagger stuck in the mast post.
A beautiful day as the "Pegasus" cuts through the sea. Calico is behind the wheel. Looking through his spyglass, off in the distance he spots three rag tag pirates, PIRATE PETER, PIRATE TAR and PIRATE CATSKIN on a poor looking bamboo raft with rags as a sail, waving, yelling for help.

In the captains quarter its dark as Calicco enters moving aside a heavy curtain. Heavy curtains cover the windows to keep the light out for Cassieo's protection from light. He goes over to her casket and taps on it. Cassieo lifts the lid a few inches.
Their are three pirates stranded
on a raft a few miles out. I have
to pick them up.

                       CASSIEO KAISER
I understand Calico. Remember our
plan, I'm your woman, I sleep
during the day. I'm scared Calico
but I trust you.

Calico has thrown a line over the side, he helps as the
three rag tag pirates climb over the side onto the deck.
                       PETER SMITH
Thank you sir. Thank you.

You saved our lives sir.

They make introductions.
                       PETER SMITH
Sir, I'm Peter this is Tar and this is Catskin.

I'm Captain Calico Criss, welcome aboard the Pegasus.

Calico notices the "p" scar on Peters wrist. Peter tries to
hide it, then Criss shows them his "p" scar.
You be pirate?

                       PETER SMITH
Aye sir, all of us. We were shipped wrecked about two months ago.

Calico hands them tin cups, then pours them some rum.
Sir their are ten more poor souls on a small island just to the West.

Pirate Tar points West. Calico notices hanging from Tar's hand hanging down a leather cord, wrapped through his fingers and thumb and tied at his wrist with a lead ball tied and wrapped to the end of it. A pirates choking weapon.
                        PETER SMITH
Its not far. We could be their before the sun sets.

The sun is just setting, the "Pegasus" is at anchor near the island beach.
The last of the ten stranded pirates is helped aboard.
Calico looks over the thirteen new pirates he has on board.
Welcome aboard the "Pegasus". I'm Captain Calico Criss.

PIRATE VICTOR QUINN stands out among the men he's taller and ruff
looking, he seems to be in charge of the other pirates.
                       VICTOR QUINN
I'm Victor, I was the first mate
on the "Long Sword" pirate ship
before she when down taking our
Captain Beech.

Calico nods his head to him.

Pirate Victor is looking around the ships deck.
                       VICTOR QUINN
Where's your crew captain? I don't see any crewmen.

They were killed in a battle we
had. So now its just me and my
first mate. She's asleep right

                       VICTOR QUINN
She. Theirs a woman on board?

The pirates look at each other.
Yes, and she's my woman. That's
rule number one on this ship. See
that captain's door?

The pirates look at the captain's door.
No one except her and I go through
that door. Is that understood?

The pirates agree.
Rule number two. No one touches her. Is that understood?

The pirates agree. Criss looks at Victor.
                       VICTOR QUINN
Aye sir.

Then we should get along just fine. I live by the code.

                       PIRATE PETER
We to captain. We live and die by the code.

Calico is looking at the sun just about to go down.
Miss Cassieo will be out here
shortly. She runs the night crew
for me. Her and I will split you
men, half with me sailing the day.
Half with her sailing the night

A slender nervous pirate DOCTOR TREESAP, who wears
wire rimmed glasses steps forward.
                       DOCTOR TREESAP (nervous)
Sir, I'm Doctor Treesap, I was the
physician on the Long Sword.

Victor barks out.
                       VICTOR QUINN (angry)
You ain't no doctor!

                       VON KAISER
I have helped many a wounded

                       VICTOR QUINN
Helped them to a early grave.

The pirates laugh at Doctor Treesap. Pirate Tar lowers his
tattered shirt exposing a large ugly scar on his back shoulder.
Captain Calico take a look at this.

Calico's eyes widen as he looks at the ugly scar.
Pirate Tar with his fingers showing the size of a dime.
It was a mini ball only this big.

                       DOCTOR TREESAP (nervous)
Your still alive.

The infection you gave me lasted two months.

Pirate Tar gets angry, grabs Treesap and looks like he's
going to hit him. Calico stops it.
Rule number three. No fighting
amongst ourselves on this ship.

The sun has gone down and the captain's door opens. All the pirates are fixed on it. Beautiful Cassieo steps out, the pirates are awe struck as she walks over near Calico, and takes his arm.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
Captain what do we have here?

These are pirates I picked up that
were ship wrecked.

                       CASSIEO KAISER
Pirates you say. That's good. Just
like you and I.

Miss. Your a pirate?

Cassieo smiles at him.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
Yes I'm a pirate. A very bad pirate.

Pirate Tar gives her a big smile back. Criss starts making introductions.
Cassieo this is Tar.

Cassieo shakes his hand.
And this is Peter.

She shakes his hand.

And this is Doctor Treesap.

                       CASSIEO KAISER

                       VICTOR QUINN (angry)
He ain't no doctor!

Pirate Tar pulls his shirt down to show her the ugly scar.
                       TAR (upset)
Here miss! Look what that butcher did to me.

Cassieo sees the scar then gently runs her fingers over it.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
Captain, maybe I could help the
good doctor, you know, helping the wounded.

That's not a good idea. You know
how you hate the sight of blood.

Cassieo grins at Criss.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
I have an idea captain. Why don't
we make a fire, slaughter a few of
your chickens, and we can all have a nice meal.

Pirate Tar eager to help her.
I'll help you Miss, and Miss I
want to be part of the night crew.

All the pirates want to be in her favor.
Captain put me down for the night

Cassieo making her way to the stairs to go below, all the
pirates following her, all except Victor. Calico looks at Victor.
                       VICTOR QUINN
I'll sail the day sir with you. If That's alright?

Calico nods his head at him.
Von and Pirate Dash are with crewmen on deck showing Von how to fire a swivel cannon. Von aims the cannon then lights the wick the cannon fires BOOM. Von is pleased he's learning everything about his new ship and new pirates life.

He walks by four pirates working hard but struggling pulling up the main sail, all four tugging on the line. Von takes hold of the line, and looks at the pirates.
                       VON KAISER
Let it go. I have it.

The pirates let the line go and are surprised to see Von by himself hoist the sail up with his super human strength. Von is tying the line down as Purell approaches him.
                       PURELL KAISER
Von, can we talk in private?

In the Captain's quarters Purell is sipping a glass of wine
sitting at the table with Von. He is drinking a mug of rum.
                       PURELL KAISER
I was thinking after we have
grandfather's fortune we can
purchase a large Villa in South

Von shaking his head no.
                       VON KAISER
I don't think so. I'm in no hurry
to get grandfather's treasure.

                       PURELL KAISER
No hurry? That was our plan.

                       VON KAISER
The plans have changed.

Purell is upset and bites her bottom lip.
                       PURELL KAISER
Von what do you mean the plans have changed?

Von smiles at her.
                       VON KAISER
I like being a pirate.

Purell puts her head down shaking it no. Shes upset.
                       PURELL KAISER
Von don't do this to me. These men
are foul, this ship is foul.

                       VON KAISER
Purell, were running from vampire
hunters. I'm not running anymore.
This is perfect. Their in a ship,
were in a ship, a warship. We'll
sink them. No more hunters.

                       PURELL KAISER
And what if they sink us first, or
have the whole Royal Navy after us?

                       VON KAISER
You saw how quickly I got this
ship. So what is to stop me from
getting ten or twenty more, a
whole fleet of pirate ships.

Purell stands and starts to get salty with Von.
                       PURELL KAISER
You are either going mad, or are
drunk from drinking to much.

                       VON KAISER
And blood, this has never been so
easy. If your hungry just grab a
pirate, when your done with him
just throw him over board, no one cares.

                       PURELL KAISER
These pirates are fowl, it's like
sucking the blood out of a rat.

Von stands and gets salty right back at her.
                       VON KAISER
Dear sister any time you want off,
just say the word.
                       PURELL KAISER (angry yelling at him)
You would like to leave me behind.
So all the treasure is yours. Just
like you left Cassieo and Rushka behind!

Von gets really angry at her and shows his fangs.
                       VON KAISER (angry)
We did what we had to do that night!

                       PURELL KAISER
No Von. You did what you had to
do. I blame you for our sisters deaths.

                       VON KAISER (very angry)
Don't you ever say their names again!

Purell seeing Von is upset is afraid of him and sits back
down and gathers herself.
                       PURELL KAISER
I'm sorry, I just miss our sisters.

Von calms down and sits back down.
                       VON KAISER
Purell, I miss them as well, and
who knows maybe they did get off the ship.

His eyes have a red demon glow.
The "Pegasus" is cutting through the sea on deck near the bow pirate Victor, PIRATE MILO and PIRATE RINGER are listening to Cassieo playing the cello, behind the wheel Pirate Tar. Cassieo finishes her song and retires into the captains quarters where Calico is sleeping.
Tonight's the night, I take over
this ship. I'm going through that door.

Milo and Ringer look at the closed captain's door.
Victor holds up his knife for them to see.
I'm going in their and I'm going
to slit Captain Calico's throat
from ear to ear.

Victor tucks the knife behind his hand.
What about Miss. Cassieo?

I'm not worried about no woman.
The next time you see me walk out
of that door I'll be your new captain.

The three pirates start walking towards the wheel. Pirate
Tar is behind the wheel as Milo and Ringer approach him.
They are going to distract him.
Tar do you think we need more trim on that sail?

While Pirate Tar looks up at the sails, Victor slips around
behind him making his way next to the captain's door.
No they look fine to me, but we
could use a better breeze.

We can't sleep, we'll sit up here
with you for awhile.

Milo and Ringer watch as Victor slowly opens the door,
sneaks in and shuts the door behind him. Milo and Ringer
look at each other as the "Pegasus" cuts through the water.
The sun is rising and Milo and Ringer are still watching the closed door. Then it slowly opens, Calico emerges then bends back into the doorway dragging something. Milo and Ringer walk over to take a better look. Calico is dragging out the dead body of Victor. Calico sees Milo and Ringer and calls them over.
You two, wrap this body for burial
find a plank and get all the hands on deck.

A somber moment for the burial at sea for Victor. Milo and Ringer are holding the end of the plank Victor's wrapped body is on. All the pirates quietly waiting for Calico to
say a few words. Calico gets near the plank.
I shall say a few words. Last
night Victor sneaked into my
quarters, with the idea to slit my
throat and take over my ship.

Calico eyes the pirates, he runs the blade of Victor's knife
across his neck in a cutting motion.
Bad idea.

Calico lifts the plank and Victor's body slides off into the
sea. Calico walks away. The "Pegasus" sails on with the
"Rumrunner" in tow.
Port Augusto is a trading port that tolerates pirates for their goods. Three ships are tied to the docks. By the "Pegasus" pirates roll barrels of water and rum down a ramp onto her deck, others carrier sacks of rice and grains on board.
The pub is not crowded this time of day but sitting at a table is Calico, Pirate Peter, and Pirate Tar talking and drinking rum. Calico is counting out gold coins and hands
them to Pirate Peter.
How many new crewmen.

Forty more good hands.

Here is the last of the gold, make
sure we have all the supplies for
our voyage.

We have food, water, rum, and
extra power. We sold many of Miss.
Cassieo's belongings.

The merchant didn't have enough
money to buy all her items
including the two caskets. I told
him we'll be back to collect on
anything he sells.

The door opens and Doctor Treesap walks over to Calico, he's
carrying a sword in its sheath. He hands the sword to Calico.
                       DOCTOR TREESAP
The blacksmith had your sword
ready. He's still polishing your dagger.
He put the silver tip on it.
Calico inspects the sword. It has a silver tip and a pure
silver inlay runs down the blade.
This looks fine. We've been here
four days. Tonight we sail. Pass the word.

Treesap hands Calico a pouch. Calico looks in it, it's filled with silver ball shot. He takes three out inspects them and puts them in his pocket. He hands the pouch back to
Divide these amongst the crew.
Tell them not to use these unless
Cass or myself say so.

Calico is interrupt by the sound of horses riding up outside
the pub. He looks at the window and sees it's ten Spanish
cavalry men in uniform dismounting.
They tell us the Spanish soldiers
won't bother us. They think we
hate the British.

I hope they're right.

The soldiers enter, a few sit at tables another approaches
the bar maid. LIEUTENANT CARLOS approaches Calico.
                       LIEUTENANT CARLOS
Good afternoon, have you pirates
sunk any Brit's lately?

Lieutenant Carlos smiles at Calico.
We'll be out tonight looking for them.

The Lieutenant smiles, pats Calico on the arm, then returns to his men.
You men get back on the ship, I
have to pick up my dagger at the
blacksmith shop. I'll catch up.

Calico and his men start to leave the pub. The Spanish
soldiers look at them as they leave. One Soldier makes eye
contact with Calico.
Calico is inspecting his new silver tipped dagger.
The BLACKSMITH is nearby.
You do nice work.

I've been doing this work all my life.

Calico and the blacksmith hear horses ride up to the stable doors. Calico looks and sees a cloud of dust, its the same ten Spanish cavalry soldiers. Calico looks at the blacksmith then back to the soldiers dismounting.
Shoes for their horses.

Thanks again.

Calico starts to walk out but as soon as he reaches the doorway the soldiers pull their pistols and aim them at Calico. A soldier disarms Calico. Lieutenant Carlos approaches Calico smiles at him then looks at one of the soldiers.
                       LIEUTENANT CARLOS
This is the man?

The soldier nods his head yes.
The blacksmith standing in the stable doorway watches as
Calico tied sitting on a horse. The cavalry men ride off with him.
The sun is setting. Near by the stables MAJOR SANTOS the cavalry fort commander, a harsh arrogant man is talking with CAPTAIN DOMINGO. The men are standing near two of Major Santos's beautiful saddled Andalusian Spanish horses. One horse is jet black the other white.
                       MAJOR SANTOS
She purchased these for me in Bacardi Stud Spain.

                       CAPTAIN DOMINGO
They are the finest horses I have ever seen Sir.

They are interrupted as Lieutenant Carlos walks over with
Calico, hands tied behind his back, flanked by four soldiers with muskets.
                       LIEUTENANT CARLOS
Sir. I have this pirate.

Major Santos puts his hand up to silence Lieutenant Carlos.
                       MAJOR SANTOS
Can't you see I'm talking with Captain Domingo.
But I'm glad both of you are here now. I want you to know this.

The Major pats the black horse on the neck.
                       MAJOR SANTOS
These two horses mean everything
to me. My daughter had them sent
to me from Bacardi Stud Spain,
before she passed on. This black one is Maximo.

He pats Maximo on the neck then moves over to the white horse.
                       MAJOR SANTOS
This one is Octavio.

He pats Octavio on the neck.
                       MAJOR SANTOS
At all cost. I want every man at
this fort to protect these horses
with their very life....Is this clear!

                       LIEUTENANT CARLOS
Yes sir.

                       CAPTAIN DOMINGO
Yes sir.

                       MAJOR SANTOS
These horses are my very life. Now what about this pirate?

                       LIEUTENANT CARLOS
This is a wanted pirate. Wanted by the British.

Lieutenant Carlos reaches in his pocket and hands the Major a folded poster. The Major unfolds it and looks at a drawing likeness of Calico Criss, with the words printed wanted dead or alive, Pirate Calico, 5000 pieces of eight, the Royal Navy.
                       LIEUTENANT CARLOS
This is Captain Calico Criss.

The Major gets angry and yells at Calico.
                       MAJOR SANTOS (angry and loud)
You are no captain! He's a captain.

The Major motions to Captain Domingo.
                       MAJOR SANTOS
Lock him up. No no wait.

The Major approaches the solider holding Calico's sword, pistols, dagger, and compass. He takes Calico's sword and fixes it to a leather strap on his horse Maximo.
He then takes Calico's pistols looks at them and reads the engraving on Captain's Grist's pistol. He looks at Calico.
                       MAJOR SANTOS
You stole this.

The Major puts Calico's pistols, dagger and compass in a
saddle bag on Maximo.
                       MAJOR SANTOS
I have a much better idea.Tomorrow
the British envoy will be here to
discuss our truce with them.

The Major mounts Maximo, and Captain Domingo mounts Octavio.
The Major looks down at Calico and The Lieutenant.
                       MAJOR SANTOS (forceful)
Lieutenant take this pirate into
the courtyard. Tie him to the
post. Take these four soldiers
with you. And shoot him.

Calico's eyes open wide.
                       LIEUTENANT CARLOS (nervous)
Sir I have never done a firing squad.

The Major laughs.
                       MAJOR SANTOS (sarcastically)
Then.. Lieutenant cut off his head
and put it in a sack for me.

That's not necessary.

The Major smiles at Calico.
                       MAJOR SANTOS
Oh but it is. Tomorrow when the
British envoy arrive. I will
present them with your sword and
pistols. Then I will reach into
the sack, and present them with
your head.

The Major laughs.
                       MAJOR SANTOS
Captain can you see the looks on
their faces when I pull out pirate Calico's head.

The Major laughs, the Captain smiles.
                       LIEUTENANT CARLOS
But Sir.

The Major gets stern.
                       MAJOR SANTOS (forceful)
These are your orders. Ready, aim,
fire, dead pirate, cut off his head.

The Major slowly starts to walk Maximo off, then stops his horse.
He looks back at Lieutenant Carlos.
                       MAJOR SANTOS
Lieutenant, Captain Domingo and I
are riding into town now. This
only takes us a few minutes.
Before I arrive at town, I want to
hear gunshots. So I know this
pirate is dead. Do you understand?

                       LIEUTENANT CARLOS
Yes Sir.

Major Santos smiles at Calico.
                       MAJOR SANTOS
See pirate Calico, with God's help
my plan is to rid the Caribbean of

Calico grins back at him.
If you want to make God laugh,
tell him your plans.

                       MAJOR SANTOS (angry)
Shoot him!  Then cut off his head!

Major Santos and Captain Domingo slowly ride away.
Torches light the area. Calico is tied with a thick rope to the wood firing post. On the wall behind him, their are many bullet holes from previous executions. Lieutenant Carlos offers Calico a blind fold, he shakes his head no. The Lieutenant moves to his position with the firing squad, takes out his sword and raises his arm with it. Calico has a worried look on his face.
                       LIEUTENANT CARLOS

The soldiers ready their muskets.
                       LIEUTENANT CARLOS

The soldiers aim their muskets at Calico. Calico's eyes meet the Lieutenant's. The lieutenant's eyes open wide. He is looking above Calico on the top of the wall. Behind Calico is a dark shadow of a human like gargoyle vampire with its wings outstretched. The Lieutenant points his sword at it.
                       LIEUTENANT CARLOS (concerned)
What is that?

The soldiers look up at it, it hisses and shows it fangs to them. It flaps its wings and flies down landing on the top of the post Calico is tied to, its claw like talons dig into
the wood post.
                       LIEUTENANT CARLOS
Shoot that beast!

Major Santos and Captain Domingo riding down the road, hear four muskets shots from the fort. They stop their horses. They look at each other. The Major grins at the Captain.
                       MAJOR SANTOS
Dead pirate.

They ride on.
The gargoyle vampire is tugging at the post, its wings flapping trying to pull the post free from the ground. Calico's eyes look up, he's scared but can't do a thing about it. The soldiers terrified are trying to reload their muskets, one soldier, his hands shaking drops his musket ball and then his musket, he runs for cover.

Another so nervous he can't get his ram rod down the barrel, drops his musket and runs for cover. Another is on his knees praying to hold back the beast. The gargoyle vampire is pulling and pulling flapping its wings upwards. Calico looks up at it and then closes his eyes. At last the post breaks free of the ground. Lieutenant Carlos is frozen with fear, his sword pointed at the vampire as it takes off with Calico. It lifts Calico up and over the wall  then out of sight.
The gargoyle vampire is flying, flapping its wings getting
higher and higher. Calico opens his eyes to see the fort
below him and that he seems to be floating in the air leaving the area.
The gargoyle vampire flying over a jungle area is struggling with Calico's weight to keep above the trees and palm trees. The bottom of the post is hitting the treetops and the vampire can't hold on any longer, it lets go of the post with Calico. He drops through the air, crashing into tree branches and vines on his way down. The SNAPPING branches are at least breaking his fall.

Then half way down the tree the post gets stuck on a thick jungle vine. Calico up in the vines, looking around measuring his situation, still tied to the post stuck in the vines tries jerking his body to free himself. With a loud CRACK the vine breaks sending Calico barreling down towards the ground. This time he sails down in a upright position, the post sticks in the ground with Calico in a standing position. He struggles with the post and the ropes but they won't budge, he's stuck in the dark jungle.
Lieutenant Carlos and his cavalry men are saddling and
mounting their horses to go after Calico.
Its very dark, spooky and quiet in the thick jungle, Calico still tied to the post, he's tired from struggling to free himself. A cricket chirps. Calico's eyes look around the area. Then a frog CROCKS. He looks around. The HOWLING of a wild dog breaks the silence. He perks up. His eyes scan the area.

The BUZZING sound of large insects about him upset him. Its silent for a moment then he hears something steering in the grass, then the SNAP of a branch breaking. Calico's eyes scan the area then open wide in fear as he sees large white fangs. He sees it's a large fierce looking wild dog. The dog shows his teeth then GROWLS at him as it makes its way closer to him. Calico to himself.
                       CALICO (nervous)
Not good.

The dog gets nearer still GROWLING, and then stops, it hears something and takes off running into the dark jungle. Calico breathes a sigh of relief, but then he hears something approaching off to his side. He looks into the dark then is shocked when a flared nostril PUFFS at him. Its Maximo, then he see Octavio. He has a look of disappointment thinking he's recaptured. The rider dismounts, He looks to see who it is.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
Calico are you alright?

Its Cassieo she approaches Calico, she has his dagger out
and starts cutting the ropes behind on his hands.
Am I glad to see you.

Cassieo has freed his hands and is cutting the ropes around his feet.
How did you find me?

                       CASSIEO KAISER
The blacksmith came to the ship
and told us the Spanish took you.

Calico motions to the horses.
Where did you get Maximo and Oct.
Octav. Octtan something. These horses.

                       CASSIEO KAISER
I stole them from town.

That's Major Santos's horse.

                       CASSIEO KAISER
Who's Major Santos?

A Major who wants to put my head in a poke.

Cassieo stands, Calico's free from the post.
Cassieo hands Calico Maximo's reins.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
We have to be quiet, horsemen are
riding up and down the roads looking for you.

Were not out of the woods yet.

Cassieo smiles at Criss.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
You say the cutest things.

Did you see a big ugly thing
flying around here flapping its wings?

                       CASSIEO KAISER
No... lets get outta here.

They mount up and start riding off into the dark wooded jungle.
Major Santos and Captain Domingo are walking down the dark
dusty road back to the fort. Santos is angry.
                       MAJOR SANTOS (angry)
If I ever find the person who
stole my horses, I'll have them shot.

Just then around the bend in the road out of the darkness galloping at full speed Calico on Maximo, Cassieo on Octavio. Major Santos can't believe his eyes their headed
right at him, Captain Domingo moves out of their way but Major Santos stands in the middle of the road waving his arms for them to stop, he yells.
                       MAJOR SANTOS

Calico and Cassieo gallop past him on either side, knocking him to the ground in a cloud of dust. The Major no sooner gets to his feet when his cavalry men on horseback round the bend headed right at him. He raises his arms and yells at them.
                       MAJOR SANTOS

The cavalrymen pull back on their reins stopping just before trampling Major Santos into the ground. Major Santos grabs the reins of a horse and orders the solider off.
                       MAJOR SANTOS
Give me this horse!

The cavalry man dismounts and Major Santos mounts his horse.
Captain Domingo mounts a horse.
                       MAJOR SANTOS
My orders no shooting. Don't shoot
my horses by mistake. Pull out
your sabers.

Soldiers put their pistols away. Santos and his men pull out
their sabers.
                       CAPTAIN DOMINGO
They can't get far, it takes time
for the ship to make sail.

                       MAJOR SANTOS
That ship has cannon, lets go!

The Major and his men ride after Calico.
Calico and Cassieo are stopped on a the road.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
I'm sorry we took the wrong fork
in the road, we have to go back
and take the West fork.

They turn their horses around and gallop away into the dark.

Major Santos and his cavalry are approaching the fork in the
road when he spots Calico and Cassieo getting back on the main road.
                       MAJOR SANTOS
Their they are!

Major Santos points his sword like its a cavalry charge,
they chase after Calico and Cassieo.
Calico and Cassieo riding hard approach a wooded bridge spanning a deep gully. The horse's hoofs make a loud CLOPPING sound as their hoofs hit the wood planks. After they cross the bridge. Cassieo pulls back her reins stopping Octavio.
                       CASSIEO KAISER (screams)

Calico pulls back Maximo's reins then turns him and looks back to see the Major and his cavalry approaching the bridge. Then BOOM a large explosion, the bridge flies apart. The impact knocks Major Santos and Captain Domingo off their horses. Then another explosion BOOM! The lit gun power lights the night sky, pieces of bridge fly everywhere, a large plume of smoke.
Calico strains his eyes looking into the smoke then sees a shadow carrying a lit torch, its Pirate Tar running out of the smoke, he drops the torch and Cassieo is their to pick him up. Pirate Tar mounts the back of Octavio behind Cassieo. They ride up next to Calico. Pirate Tar's face is covered in black power soot.
Aye, Captain how did you like that for a rescue?

Tar your my new first mate.

                       CASSIEO KAISER
Hey I thought I was your first mate?

Calico looks at her and winks. Cassieo smiles as she kicks Octavio as they ride off towards the ship. The cavalry men across the gully start shooting at them but Major Santos is pushing their guns down yelling at them, hitting them with his hat.
The "Empress" has just captured a merchant ship. The two ships are tied together as more pirates from the "Empress" board the merchant. Crewmen on the merchant ship have their hands up surrendering to the pirates who have their pistols and swords ready.
On deck near the mast, Von Kaiser is in a good mood, he's sporting a new fancy captain's hat and is approaching two of his crewmen who are holding a prisoner British CAPTAIN EGGEND, in full dress uniform. Von looks down at Eggend's new Calvary leather boots.
                       VON KAISER
I must get myself a pair of those boots.

Von eyes Eggend, then brushes some dust from Captain Eggend's shoulder.
                       VON KAISER
Captain Eggend my men tell me you have hung over a hundred pirates.
Is that true Sir?

Captain Eggend not answering, looks straight ahead.
PIRATE GINNESS interrupts, carrying over a small treasure chest. He sets the treasure chest in front of Von and opens its, its filled with silver coins.
                       PIRATE GINNESS
Sir. Your treasure.

Von looks at it, then around at his crewmen.
                       VON KAISER (pompous)
This is not my treasure.

Pirate Ginness and the crewmen look a little confused at what Von just said. Von takes a rope that has a hangman's noose on one end and throws it up over the mast pole, the
hangman's noose falls near Captain Eggend's head. Pirate Ginness is knelling near the treasure chest.
                       PIRATE GINNESS
Sir. This is your loot. Your pirate booty.

                       VON KAISER
No it's not. That's not my booty.

Von takes the hangman's noose and puts it around Captain Eggend's neck. More of Von's crew gather to see what is going on. Von tighten and adjusts the noose.
                       CAPTAIN EGGEND
My good man. You can't hang me.

                       VON KAISER
And why is that Sir. Why can't I hang you?

                       CAPTAIN EGGEND
Because if you do every man in her
majesties navy will be after you.
They will hunt you down like a dog.

                       VON KAISER
I'll be worried about that.

Von takes the rope bare handed, hand over hand quickly pulling up the rope, hanging Captain Eggend. Von takes the end of the rope and ties it off on the side rail. Eggend's legs are twitching then fall still, he's dead. Von moves back over near Eggend who's boots are level with Von's shoulders. Von looks down at Pirate Ginness.
                       VON KAISER
That treasure you asked about.
That treasure is my crew's. Divide
it equally amongst my men.

The crew cheers Von. Von takes hold of one of Eggend's boots, pulls it off his foot, drops it and pulls off the other boot. He picks up the boot he dropped. He holds the
boots up.
                       VON KAISER
This is my booty!

The crew cheer him as he walks away.
A few torches light the deck as Cassieo is set up ready to
play her cello, pirate Tar approaches her.
Miss. Cassieo I was just wondering, would you enjoy hearing
a scary pirate story?

                       CASSIEO KAISER
Oh yes, please do. I love spooky stories.

Alright Miss, but you promise not
to be mad at me if it scares you?

                       CASSIEO KAISER
I hope it dose.

The crew gathers to listen to Tar's story.
                       TAR (spooky)
I ran into a old ship mate of
mine, pirate Thomas Brown. He
looked just awful, just terrible,
one leg was gone, he had a peg leg.
One eye was gone he had a patch
over it. His right hand was gone,
he had a hook for a hand.

Pirate Tar takes his right index finger and bends it into a
hook, he tries to look spooky showing it to Cassieo.
So I say to him. Mate what
happened to your leg? He says to
me, a British cannonball shot it
clean off, then my pirate crew
made me this here peg leg.

Tar opens his eyes wide, giving Cassieo a spooky look.
I say to him, I see. But what
happened to your hand? He says to
me, a British Captain cut it clean
off in a sword fight. Then my crew
made me this here hook.

Tar hooks his right index finger and shows it to everyone,
trying to be spooky.
I say to him. I see, and did a
British pistol ball shoot out your
eye? He says to me no. No I was
looking up at sea gull and it
crapped in my eye.I say to him. It
crapped in your eye? I said sea
gull crap can't knock your eye
out. He says, First day with my
new hook!

Tar starts to laugh as he rubs his eye with his hooked
finger. All the pirates laugh.
Cassieo laughing rubbing her eye with her finger hooked.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
That was a good story Tar.

The "Pegasus" sails away into the dark with Cassieo playing
the cello, Bach's Suite # 1 in G major.
The "Pegasus" is anchored in the cove. Calico has a lit torch and is in a rowboat with Cassieo, Tar and Peter are rowing. Three other row boats are following them as they approach a cave tunnel. They row into it.
Inside they look up at the huge stalactites hanging from the cave ceiling, its spooky in there, and the sound of dripping water. In the distance they see the front of a dark ages Gothic castle built right into the stone. There is an area in front of it to tie off boats. Their are stairs that lead up to a large Gothic style door with unlit torches on ether side of the door. The boats are tied off, everyone looking around at the cave, castle and  door.
With his torch PIRATE SAMUEL lights one of the torches next to the door, PIRATE JAMES lights the other one, PIRATE HENDERSON walks up to that torch and tries to dislodge it from the wall, he tugs on it but it won't budge. Then He pulls down on it, it's a lever. Everyone hears the sound of chains CLANKING and metal gears turning coming from inside the wall. Calico looks up and sees a huge stone block on the far wall of the cave swinging like a pendulum attached to the cave ceiling by a chain heading quickly towards Pirate Henderson.
Look out!

The stone block slams into Pirate Henderson and the castle wall with a loud CRASH, the force shakes the cave and the castle. Pirate Henderson is gone, smashed behind the stone. Everyone freezes for a moment as large stalactites fall from the cave ceiling into the water below, one crashes through a row boat. Then everything is still.
Booby traps be careful.

Calico approaches the door, there is a large Gothic door knocker attached to it, he knocks on the door, it makes a loud HOLLOW ECHOING  sound.
Ahoy! Anyone home?

Silence. Calico takes hold of the door handle. The door won't open. Calico and crew are standing up near the wall as Pirate Tar lights a power trail. The power SIZZLES as it makes its way to a power keg in front of the door. BOOM! A loud explosion as the castle door flies apart. As the smoke clears, everyone peers into the Gothic furnished large great room.
Calico, Cassieo, Peter, and Tar are slowly walking near the wall. The floor is marble squares. The room is decorated in old style Gothic furnishings. Paintings line the walls, and beautiful vases are higher up on stone shelves build into the wall, its creepy. PIRATE FINTCH has a lit torch and is walking down the center of the room, when he takes a step. The sharp sound of a marble floor square, SNAPS, then the sound of chains CLANKING and metal gears spinning.
Everyone freezes looking around, then WHOOSH a six foot by six-foot section of the floor that Fintch is standing on drops. In a second Fintch and that section of floor are gone, Fintch screams as he's falling into the abyss. Everyone frozen for a moment starring at the black hole in the center of the room. Calico slowly approaches the hole,everyone follows. They looks down the hole, nothing but darkness, no Fintch, no torch, nothing. Calico takes Pirate Tar's torch and drops it into the hole. They watch as it just disappears into the darkness.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
Von didn't warn me of this.

                       TAR (worried)
What is this place?

                       CASSIEO KAISER
My grandfather's castle.

Should have told grandpa we were coming.

                       CASSIEO KAISER
Were robbing the place.

Ahead of them on the far wall there are two stairwells. On the right going down and on the left side a stairwell going up. They approach the stairwell going down. They look, a steep set of stairs going down into the dark. PIRATE DAVID throws his torch down the stairwell it hits the bottom floor and lights the area. There is a stone shelf with a beautiful treasure chest sitting on it.
                       TAR (excited)
A treasure chest!

We'll get this one.

Pirates Phillip, David and PIRATE NANKER carefully make their way down the steps to the bottom. Pirate David opens the treasure chest lid. It's filled with gold and silver
coins, jewels and jewelry. Pirates Phillip and Nanker each grab a handle on the sides of the treasure chest and lift it up about a inch, then a loud SNAP, quickly followed by the sound of chains CLANKING and metal gears spinning. They set the chest back down, its to late the sound of a heavy iron gate CREAKING halfway down the stairwell comes out of the wall moving to the other side wall crossing the stairwell. It has trapping the pirates below. The pirates have fear in their eyes. The pirates hurry up to the gate, tugging on it.
                       PHILLIP (fearful)
Get us out of here!

Calico and his men go down to help. A stone on the sidewall below the gate starts leaking water. Everyone looks at it. Then more water gushing out of it, before the pirates can react, the stone is pushed out of the wall by gallons and gallons of water shooting out. The pirates frankly tug on the Iron Gate. Water is rising faster and faster. Calico and his men helpless watching as now only the pirates faces and hands are up to the gate and the water is quickly covering them, till they can't see them anymore.
The water up to Calico's knees as he Peter and Tar give up and start walking back up the stairs as the water stops filling the stairwell. Cassieo gives Calico a hug when he reaches the main room. Calico is watching across the room as PIRATE JAKE slowly approaches a silver candelabrum on a stone shelf. He lifts the candelabra, then SNAP, followed by the sound of CLANKING chains behind the wall. Calico looks up at a large marble vase on a shelf above Pirate Jake. It starts to tilt and pours a light oil over Jake. Jake is drenched in oil. He shrugs it off.
It smells sweet.

The sound of metal gears behind the wall near Jake. Attached to the wall there are three foot tall stone wheels that quickly start to spin. It only takes seconds when sparks
start to fly off the wheels lighting the oil. Pirate Jake catches on fire. He's ablaze, screaming, running wildly around the room. He runs into the hole in the center of the
room. His SCREAMS echo in the dark hole as he falls into the abyss. Then silence.                                                           


Calico, Tar, Peter and Cassieo now standing at the bottom of the stairwell that goes up.
Calico takes a torch and throws it up the stairwell, it lights the area and they can see it turns to the right at the top. Calico starts to walk up the stairs when everyone hears the sound of many FLAPPING wings. Flying down the stairwell hundreds of bats, everyone ducks. The bats SQUEAKING as they fly over and pass them into the great room then out the open front door. Everyone except Cassieo is spooked. 
                       PIRATE TAR (addressing Peter)
Her grandpa keeps bats as pets.

They pull themselves together, and walk up the steps. At the right turn there is a locked door. Calico pulls on the handle to no avail. A power keg is setting in front of the locked door. A power trial goes down the stairs where Calico and crew are against the sidewall. Calico has a lit torch and looks at Tar who is next to him.
I'll show you how this is done.

Calico lights the power trail, the power SIZZLES as it makes its way up the steps, then at the top step it looks like it goes out. Everyone is looking at each other. Calico peeks around the corner, looks up the stairwell, and then steps out into it.
Must have when out.

Calico takes one-step out then BOOM! A loud explosion as the power keg blows up, the power flash coming down the stairwell. The impact knocks Calico off his feet sending him backwards into the thick smoke, we lose site of him. Lots of smoke.
The smoke is clearing as music is heard, the orchestra is playing Ludwig Van Beethoven's symphony no. 3 in E flat. A well-dressed audience packs the house listening to the music. The orchestra looks great. Cassieo is playing her cello. Purell, Von, and Rushka are playing violins. Governor Bonny is playing the clarinet. Anne, Zak are playing flutes. Pirates Peter and Tar, now dressed like fine gentlemen are playing horns.
The back of the conductor is waving his conductor's baton to the music. The audience starts to applaud, then start chanting Calico, Calico, Calico. As the conductor turns we
see its none other that Calico Criss. He smiles.
"We know its not 1805 that was a dream Calico is out cold."
Calico's face covered in power soot. His clothes still smoking. Muffled voices calling Calico, Calico, Calico wake up. Calico's eyes open. He is in a daze.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
Calico, dear are you alright?

Calico looks up at Cassieo, Tar, and Peter knelling over him.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
Calico are you hurt?

Calico looking dazed and confused.
I just had the strangest dream.

He looks at Cassieo. Pointing at her.
And you were in it.

Cassieo smiles at him. Calico looks at Peter and Tar.

Calico Pointing at them.
And you were in it. And so were you.

Tar starts to laugh at him.
Captain that power blast almost
took you head off.

                       PIRATE PETER
It scrambled your brains Sir.

                       PIRATE TAR
Next time, let a man take care of
the power kegs. Sir.

They help Calico to his feet. His clothes still smoking.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
Calico, dear, you'll think your
dreaming when we show you this

Calico, Tar, Peter and Cassieo walk into the Gothic library, their eyes open as they see the rooms filled with all kinds of treasures. There are treasure chests about the room, gold and silver coins stacked on the desk, it looks like pirate's heaven in there.
Other crew pirates are carrying out the loot. PIRATE BOXMAN is holding a small treasure box that has a lock on it. In his other hand he has a small pry bar and is trying to break open the lock. PIRATE TRIVER slowing walking near the sidewall where there is a beautiful Gothic chair up against the wall. Calico's watching Triver as he sits in the chair. As soon as Triver sits down, it triggers a six foot by six foot section of the wall and floor Triver is on to spin him around behind a trap wall. Calico sees him spin around behind the false wall.
Tar! Peter! Did you see Triver
disappear behind that wall?

Calico, Tar, and Peter are examining the wall seams that
Triver disappeared behind. Tar has a silver candle stick and
pounds on the false wall.
                       PIRATE TAR
Triver! Can you hear us?

Tar puts his ear up to the wall but hears nothing.
That wall is a foot thick, solid

Calico runs his hand down the seam in the wall.
We can't leave him in their.

                       PIRATE TAR
Captain I can put four power kegs
next to the wall and we'll blow it up.

Calico shakes his head no.
And how many pieces will Triver be in?

                       PIRATE TAR
And I suppose you have a better idea?

As a matter of fact I do.


Peter is up on a latter, up at the wall finishing chiseling a groove on an angle across the upper right corner of the wall panel Triver's stuck behind.

Calico is on the other far side of the room aiming a cannon at the area Peter is working on. Heavy ropes anchor the cannon in place. Pirate Boxman hands Calico a half sack
power pouch. Calico loads the sack into the cannon's barrel. He takes a ramrod and sets the power sack.

                       CALICO (addressing pirate Tar)
Tar are you paying close attention
to this? Half sack of power, eight pound ball.

Tar rolls his eyes, as a pirate Boxman hands Calico the
cannon ball. Calico lowers it into the cannon.
If this works I'll never question
you again....sir.

Calico grins at him.
I've fired a few cannon in my day.

Calico takes one last look at his aim sight of the cannon at
the corner of the wall.
Time for everyone to clear the room.

Everyone has left the room except for Calico. He has a lit cannon fuse on a stick, looks at the wall then lights the cannon fuse. BOOM! The cannon fires. Pirates are pulling out Pirate Triver from behind the wall through the hold Calico made with his cannon shot. Triver brushes himself off as he approaches pirate Tar.

Tar, I knew you would blast me out
of their, thanks.

Don't thank me, thank our cannon
expert, Captain Calico.

Calico grins and tips his hat to Triver.
Triver, you are forever in debt to
me. It took ten men three hours to
get that cannon up here.

Cassieo is on the far end of the room looking at large object covered with a black cloth. She pulls down the cloth to reveal a beautiful wooded Egyptian casket standing upright against the wall covered in hieroglyphics, next to the casket on each side are large four foot tall Egyptian vases covered in hieroglyphics, she eyes up the casket then calls to the men.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
Come look at this!

Calico, Tar, Peter, PIRATE WILLIAM FANCY, and about ten other
pirates are looking over the Egyptian casket.
That's a casket.

You mean to say theirs a dead
body in that?


Well, were not grave robbers, I
say we leave it be.

                       CASSIEO KAISER
No, I say what is in it is mine. I
get no share of the loot, like the
rest of you do.

That's not true, Cassieo you get a
full share, just like all of us.
You earned it.

                       CASSIEO KAISER
Theirs probably a Egyptian mummy
in it and they bury their dead
with amulets and Egyptian jewels.

                       PETER (nervous)
I say we leave the dead alone.

What's a mummy?

In the old days they would wrap
you in cloth bandages and bury you
alive in one of these.

Pirate Tar's eyes open wide.
                     CASSIEO KAISER
Tar, don't let him scare you. In
Egypt three to five thousand years
ago this was how they preserved
dead bodies. It's called
mummification. It was their way of
becoming immortal.

Just like she said, immortal.
Whoever is in that box... is going
to jump out when we open it.

Pirate Tar's eyes open wide.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
Peter he's been dead for thousands
of years. And besides that they
removes their organs.

Miss. Cassieo what of them strange
marking on it.

                       CASSIEO KAISER
Those are called hieroglyphics.
Egyptian writings.

Peter points out to Tar the eye of Horus on the casket.
                       PETER (spooky)
Tar, see that eye looking right at
you. That's the evil eye. It sees
you....the evil eye.

Pirate Tar looks frighted looking at the eye of Horus.
                       WILLIAM FANCY
I say we don't open it, we have
enough loot, lets just go.

                       CASSIEO KAISER
Captain Calico, now what do you
think of your brave strong crew of

Calico looks around at his crew.
I agree with the men, we really
don't need a mummy on board ship.
I say we leave well enough alone.

Cassieo reaches for Peter's chisel.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
Give me that.

She takes the chisel.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
I'll open it myself.

With the chisel Cassieo knocks off the last latch on the Egyptian casket, she stands near it ready to open it. Calico and the pirates are all watching her. Peter takes out
his pistol, aims it at the casket and cock's it.
Just in case. It jumps out.

All the other pirates including Calico take out their pistols. They cock them and aim them at the casket. Cassieo slowly opens the casket reveling a large wrapped dusty old mummy standing upright, arms at his side. The mummy has around his neck a large gold chain with a beautiful sold gold ankh hanging from it. Cassieo looks back
at the men and smiles.
                       CASSIEO KAISER (joyfully)
This is mine.

She reaches into the casket and gently removes the gold chain and ankh off the mummy. She brushes the dust off it, turns to the men, and then puts it around her neck holding the sold gold ankh. The men are awe struck at the gold ankh. The pirates lower their pistols. Cassieo holds it up to her face, with the mummy behind her. She smiles.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
Solid gold men, solid gold.

The mummy's eyes open. Then his arms start to rise. The pirates rise their pistol's aiming at it. Cassieo is startled, and then turns to see the mummy take a step out of
the casket, arms out reaching for her. She gives a short scream then ducks moving towards the men, she's scarred of it. Pirates start shooting it.

The mummy takes ten pistol balls hits, that just rip through him, the impacts sends dust flying off him, holes in him, he groans but keeps moving. Cassieo stumbles and falls to the floor, trying to crawl away from it. Calico takes careful aim and fires his pistol hitting the mummy in the head, the shot goes right through the mummy's head with a puff of dust, having little affect on it. It GROANS, then pauses to look at Calico, then turns continuing after Cassieo.

Pirate Tar runs his sword into the mummies belly area, the mummy hits Tar with his arm, knocking Tar down. The sword still stuck in the mummies gut. Pirate Peter screams, dagger in hand, rushes the mummy.Peter stabs his dagger into the mummies chest. The mummy grabs Peter, lifts him off his feet and tosses him like a rag doll. Cassieo on the floor looks up to see the mummy standing over her groaning ready to pounce on her, his arms out stretched. She holds up the gold ankh to it.
                       CASSIEO KAISER (screams)
You can have this back!

Calico raises his sword and with a quick slash the sword blade cuts off the mummies arm. The mummy groans in pain then looks at him.
That had to hurt.

The mummy starts towards Calico, groaning with his other arm reaching for him. Calico swings his sword cutting off the mummies head. The mummies head falls in Cassieo's lap. The headless mummies body falls to the flood with a THUD and a puff of dust. Cassieo sees the head in her lap, screams, grabs it, and then throws the mummy head up into the air. Peter catches the head, puzzled, looks at it. The mummy's eyes are blinking at him.
                       PETER (scared)
I don't want this.

Peter tosses the head to Tar who catches it, he looks at it with a shocked expression, then flips it to Calico. Calico catches the head, looks at it, the mummies eyes blink at him. Calico like a NBA star, takes the head like a basketball and shoots in into the Egyptian vase next to the casket, a perfect "no net" basket. Calico extends his arm to
help Cassieo up.
                       CASSIEO KAISER (lovingly)
Calico you saved my life.

All in a days work love. Now lets
get out of here.

The deck is full of treasures and happy pirates checking out their loot. Pirate Boxman is stacking gold bars. Pirate Milo is pouring molten silver into a pistol ball mold from a brick kiln they have setup on deck melting silverware. Pirate Ringer is sitting near a large wooden crate of pistols, he's loading a pistol he looks at the silver ball shot he is about to drop in to the barrel.
Never thought I would see the day
when I would be loading pure silver shot.

Ringer sets the ball shot with a ram rod he then sets the pistol in another wooden crate with loaded pistols and muskets. Calico and Cassieo stand near the wheel as Cassieo
rings a bell to get every one's attention.
Listen up men!

The crew gathers to listen.
Were heading to Port Faircloth, on
the way we'll split the loot in equal shares.

The crewmen cheer!
                       CASSIEO KAISER
Men my advice is, when we get
their take half your loot and hide it on the island.

Good advice, we'll each have
enough gold to last us all five lifetimes.

The crew cheers!
Let's make way!

The crewmen disperse to make ready the ship. Crewmen start up the rigging's. The anchor is coming up, as the "Pegasus" makes way, the "Rumrunner" in tow.
The "Empress" is cutting through the Caribbean Sea. On deck PIRATE DASH lowers his spyglass. He approaches the captain's door and knocks on it. The door opens and Von steps out.
                       VON KAISER
What is it Dash?

Sir off the bow, port side a ship approaching.

Dash hands Von his spyglass and points to the direction of the ship. Through the spyglass Von sees the ship-approaching heading East.
On deck Calico and Tar are looking Through their spyglasses
at the "Empress" heading West.
Do you know that ship?

Aye Sir. That's the "Empress" she be
pirate. Captained by Captain Crow.

Pirate you say?

Yes Sir. Pirates.

Hoist our colors, open the
cannon flaps, and Tar cover our nameplate.

Von and his crewmen are watching the "Pegasus" get closer. Von looks through his spyglass and sees the Jolly Roger flag going up, then the cannon flaps opening as cannon start popping out of them. Von is angry.
                       VON KAISER (angry)
Raise our skull and crossbones!
Ready the men and cannons!

Pirates start to hurry to their battle stations.
                       VON KAISER
I don't want a fight tonight, not tonight.

Sir we have them out gunned two to one.

                       VON KAISER
Not tonight, they could get in a
lucky shot or two. We have to go
visit my grandfather.

Dash looking Through his spyglass sees Calico looking back at them.
Sir. I know that Captain. That's
Captain Calico Criss.

Von looks at Calico through his spyglass then lowers it.
                       VON KAISER
Your lucky night Captain Calico
Criss, your lucky night.

The ships pass each other, the crews on each ship watching each other. Von looks through his spyglass to read the name plate. He sees it's covered with a black cloth flapping in the breeze.
                       VON KAISER
They covered her name. I don't
like the looks of that.

At no time pirate Calico Captained
a major ship.

                       VON KAISER
Do you think they would have
treasure on her?

The way she sits in the water. I
would bet my live on it.

Von yells to crewmen on deck.
                       VON KAISER
Pull up the cage!

Pirates open grating on the center deck. As others are pulling up ropes bring up a large iron cage filled with thirty, one-foot tall, three-foot wingspan, black, and ugly little evil bats from hell. Von approaches the cage, the little demon bats are SQUEAKING, flapping their wings, showing their fanged teeth and devil red eyes.

Von makes squeaking sounds as if to be talking to the bats, this sends them into frenzy. Von points in the direction of the "Pegasus" and opens the cage door. The little demon bats take off flying into the night sky. Von laughs.
                       VON KAISER
This will slow them down.

Calico and crew are breathing a sigh of relief. When they hear the SQUEAKING of Von's hell bat's approaching. They look up and see the bats flying above them and around
the ship. A few of the bats kamikaze into the high sails and with their sharp claw talons they start ripping the sails.
                       TAR (very concerned)
What are those things?

                       CALICO (forceful)
I don't know, shoot them!

Calico takes out his pistol, takes aim at one in the sails, and shoots. The bat is hit and falling, SQUEAKING, flapping its wings on the way down, it falls on the deck near him. He looks at its ugly little face.
                       CALICO (concerned)
Not good.

More bats start to dive bomb in. They attack many crewmen. The crewmen are desperately fighting them off. Shooting at them, hitting them. The pirates are being frightened as the bats claw them and bite them. More bats dive-bomb down. Cassieo steps out of the captain's cabin, she looks around and sees the bats attacking the crew. Just then a bat dive bombs her and grabs the top of her hair.

Cassieo reaches up, grabs the bat. The bat's angry showing his fangs and SQUEAKING  at her. She takes hold of his head and snaps its neck, as it lets out one last loud squeak. She takes it by the neck and slams it onto the deck. Doctor Treesap is watching the bats with great excitement, and then he runs below deck. Cassieo tries to get every one's attention.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
Calico! Tar! Just kill them! Use
your hands snap their necks!

Peter is near Calico when a bat attacks him, it bites
Peter's finger and is latched onto it. 
                       PETER (screams in pain)

Peter holds his arm out with the bat attached to his finger showing Calico. Calico takes out his sword and with one quick stroke cuts the bat in half. Pirate Tar grabs the bats head and opens its jaws, freeing Peter's finger. More bats are dive bombing, as the crew fights them off. Treesap is digging through gear looking for something.
                       DOCTOR TREESAP (talking to himself)
A new species of bat. I have to
catch one alive, I'll be famous.

Then he spots it, a fishing net on the end of a pole.
                       DOCTOR TREESAP
This will do.

On deck most of the little devil bats are dead. Pirate Tar
picks one up and throws it over board.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
Don't throw them over board! Stack
them over here.

She has a pile of dead bats near her. There are still three bats flying and dive-bombing around the ship. Calico takes careful aim at one, he fires, a perfect hit, the bat squeaks as it tumbles from the sky onto the deck. Peter walks up to it, picks it up and shows it to Cassieo.
                       PIRATE PETER (confused)
You want this?

                       CASSIEO KAISER
Yes, put it here on the pile. I'm
going to make us bat soup tonight.

Peter and Calico look at each other. Calico turns his head mouthing to himself, "bat soup"? A bat lands on Peter's back digging in his claws. Tar takes his leather pirate choker. Then puts it around the bat's neck, pulls it snapping the bat's neck if falls dead.
Doctor Treesap is up on deck chasing after a bat with his fishing net pole, scrambling from one side of the deck to the other.

Pirate Catskin hands Calico a loaded pistol. Treesap looking up in the rigging's sees a bat flying around. Calico, Catskin, Peter and Tar are all close together, their pistols aimed up at the bat flying around. Treesap looking up walking across the deck near the fore sail. The bat dive bombs down, Calico and men take aim, their eyes following it down.

They are ready to shoot when the fore sail blocks their view of the bat, all four pistols fire. Their watching as the smoke clears, the sail swings back, they see Doctor Treesap, who has been shot four times in the chest. Treesap looks at his chest, drops to his knees then falls face first onto the deck.
Inside the captains quarters Doctor Treesap is laded out on the table, being tended to by Calico, Cassieo, Tar, and Peter. Calico looks down at the dieing Doctor, he's weak and his face covered in sweat.
                       DOCTOR TREESAP (nervous)
I can do this.

Calico reaches into Doctor Treesap's doctors bag and pulls
out a large knife.
                       DOCTOR TREESAP (shaking voice)
Not that one, the small one.

Calico takes out the smaller knife.
                       DOCTOR TREESAP (nervous)
Cut my shirt open.

Calico looking down at him, cuts the shirt open, when he
sees the wounds his face tightens.
You sure you want to do this?

                       DOCTOR TREESAP
I've heard about a famous
sea fairing physician, who did
this. He operated on himself and lived.

                       CASSIEO KAISER
Doctor, I'll do it.

                       DOCTOR TREESAP
With all do respect Miss. Cassieo
I must ask you to leave.

Cassieo starts to leave the room.
                       DOCTOR TREESAP
Who ever heard of a female physician?

Calico just shrugs his shoulders.
                       DOCTOR TREESAP
Captain I need you to hold the
mirror steady for me, like I showed you.

Calico takes the mirror and places it on Treesap's belly line. Treesap's hand is shaking holding the knife, as he lifts his head up to look into the mirror.
                       DOCTOR TREESAP (nervous)
Down a little.

Calico lowers the mirror, Treesap sees his four bullet wounds, his head drops like a rock, THUMP, as it hits the table. He's dead.
Pirate Tar has a large bowl of BLACK BAT soup in front of him, part of a wilted cooked bat wing is hanging out of the bowl. He is sitting at the table in the captain's quarters with everyone else. Cassieo has a bowl of bat soup in front of herself addressing Calico and the crew.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
Now, don't eat the wings.

She holds up a wilted cooked bat wing.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
These are for flavor.

She holds up a bat claw.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
Don't eat the claws, bones or the
bat fangs, set them aside.

Calico is holding a blackened bat leg, it looks like a fried blackened turkey leg with a bat claw on the end still attached. He looks at it and then takes a large pirate bite out of it. He chews away at it then swallows.
                       CALICO (mouth full)
Tastes like chicken.

Pirate Tar takes his wooden spoon, then takes a full spoon fill of black bat broth, and lets it pour back into the bowl. He refills his spoon, making a loud SIPPING sound as he sips the soup broth down.
Miss. Cassieo this is good soup.

All the pirates are eating their blackened bat meat and
soup. Cassieo gets up to leave the captain's quarters.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
Calico that was a very nice
service you had for Doctor

Calico looks up at her, eating like a Viking, and nods his head.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
I'll play a farewell song for Doctor Treesap.

Cassieo exits the captain's quarters. Calico and the crew are eating and drinking.
Cassieo on deck is playing Bach's Suite # 4 in E flat on her cello. Her face becomes somber as she starts thinking of the good old days.
Cassieo can see herself in Germany at the music hall playing Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Divertimento for violin, viola, and cello in E flat major. Von, Purell and Rushka accompany her. It's very beautiful and peaceful....then
SCREECH, SCREECH, SCREECH! She snaps out of it.
Cassieo opens her eyes half frightened by the SCREECHING sound of someone hacking away at the violin. She looks. It's  Calicos tries "and not very well" to play the violin.
Inside the captains cabin trying to finish their meal
pirates cover their ears from the awful sound.
What is that!

The pirates get up from the table to go investigate.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
Calico darling what are you doing?

Calico stops playing as crewmen gather around he and Cassieo.
I'm going to accompany you on this violin.

The pirate crew give a bad looks to each other.
But Captain, you can't play.

That was awful. Sir.

Calico strikes a pose with the violin.
Your jealous, I can master this in no time.

                       CASSIEO KAISER
Calico dear, it takes years of practice to master.

I heard stories of a British
Captain who learned how to play,
and his crew loved him.

Sir, we love you now, without no violin.

We'll just have to see then won't
we. Cassieo if you would please.

Cassieo reluctantly starts to play, as the "Pegasus" sails away. Then the awful SCREECHING sound of Calico trying to play the violin.
Von, Pirate Dash and other pirates are walking out of the castles blown apart main doorway down to the outer cove where their rowboats are tied up. They are all disappointed the treasure has been taken.
                       VON KAISER (angry)
That pirate ship we saw two days ago.

Aye Sir. With Captain Calico Criss.

                       VON KAISER (angry)
They took my treasure!

Aye Sir. Every last coin.

                       VON KAISER
Where do you think they'll head?

                       PIRATE DASH
Port Faircloth sir, no doubt Port Faircloth.

                       VON KAISER (angry)
Dash. Have you ever seen a man's
heart ripped out?

Von's hands turn Gothic vampire with long sharp black claws, then he runs his claws down the side of the stonewall leaving deep claw marks in it. Dash and the other pirates watch in awe. Just then entering the cave in a rowboat PIRATE FALCON yells to them.
                       PIRATE FALCON
Captain Von! Captain Von! The
Empress! We have trouble!

Von's eyes open wide.
On deck through his spyglass Von is looking at twenty ghost like looking pirate ships, in the distance fog, that are in a semi circle that have the "Empress" pinned in the cove.
Von can see their pirate flags waving in the breeze. He can see their cannon starting to poke out of the cannon ports. Dash is near looking through his spyglass as Purell approaches them. Von is discussed with their situation.
                       VON KAISER
How did this happen? How did I
fall into a trap!

Von paces down the side rail looking out at the ships ready
to attack him. Purell follows him. He calls back to Dash.
                       VON KAISER
Dash ready the men! Ready the cannon!

Pirates hurry to their battle stations.
                       PURELL KAISER
Von keep your head. Their stupid pirates.

Von stops as Purell puts her hands on his shoulders. Pirates near by load their swivel cannon and pistols. Purell grins at Von.
                       PURELL KAISER
Look at me. Don't you think their
Captain would rather have me as his prize?

Von grins back at her then looks at Dash.
                       VON KAISER
Dash lower the skull and
crossbones. Put up the white
surrender flag. Have the men stand down.

Everything is still as the "Pegasus" cuts through the thick fog. The crew is relaxed with Captain Calico behind the wheel, then everyone hears the THUMPING sound of distant cannon fire, followed by the incoming SCREAM of a cannon ball as it knocks apart the top rails on the upper deck then EXPLODES. Other cannon balls SCREAM by as near misses splashing in the water around the ship. Peter on the upper deck yells down.
Their behind us!

Drop more sail!

Calico is spinning the ships wheel.
Von and Pirate Dash are looking through the fog but can only see the three back lanterns lit on the back end of the "Pegasus" disappear into the fog. Von is disappointed.
                       VON KAISER
We had them. I said aim low for the rudder.

Von turns the ships wheel.
Calico is whispering to Cassieo, Peter and Tar.
Tell everyone to be still, we'll hide in the fog.

Von, Pirate Dash, and crewmen looking into the fog.
They'll try to make open water,
this is a cat and mouse game.

                       VON KAISER
Good thing were the cat.

The "Empress" glides through the fog.
Calico is talking to Cassieo, Tar, Peter and crewmen.
I have an idea, this just might work.

Everyone looking at Criss. Criss looking over the men.
I need one brave man.

No one says anything, just looking at each other, no volunteers.

On the side of the ship. Calico has been lowered off the Pegasus onto a longboat next to the ship. The longboat has a MAST and YARDARM laying out on it. Calico is tying a ROPE around his waist. He looks up to his crew on the "Pegasus".                                                        

I'm the brave man?

This was your crazy idea Captain.

Its not that crazy.

Then you should have no problems.

All is still as lookout pirates peer into the fog looking for site of the "Pegasus". Pirate Dash is near Von.
                       VON KAISER
If they do survive this night,
track them all day. But save the
fight for the night.

Yes Sir.

Calico is hooking up lines. There is a small mast in the center of the longboat. He hoists up the large mast pole with the yardarm on it, with the sail rolled up on it. It goes into place. He ties it down. Its a long boat with a over sized mast on it.
Pirate lookouts peer through the fog looking for the "Empress" or the longboat. The other end of the rope Calico was tied to is tied to the ships rail hanging over into the water.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
I don't see Calico he's lost in
the fog. He is a brave man.

He thinks the crew of the "Empress"
will think the long boat is the "Pegasus".

I don't understand how they will.

Calico lights a LANTERN. Then pulls up a line the lantern is attached to that pulls the lantern up to the mast top. The lantern is in place high up on the mast.
A lookout pirate spots the flickering lantern on Calico's longboat.
                       LOOKOUT PIRATE
Their she is off the port bow!

Van and Dash spot the lantern in the fog.
                       VON KAISER
Get ready to fire!

Calico is struggling trying to light another lantern, then is panicked when he hears the crew on the "Empress" shouting. His eyes open wide. He fumbles with another lit lantern then drops it. The glass on the lantern breaks and the lamp oil catches fire. A good size fire lights the area.
Von and crew can see the longboat on fire and Calico dancing
around trying to put out the fire.
                       VON KAISER
What is he doing?... Lets get rid of him...Fire!

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Four cannon on the "Empress" fire at the longboat. Calico fearing for his life runs screaming off the back of the boat. Cannon balls splash and EXPLODE around the longboat then one makes a direct hit. The longboat flies apart into the air.
Pirate Tar and crew watching the flashes from the "Empress's" cannon as they shoot another volley at the longboat, it lights up the "Empress". They now know where she's
at, a perfect spot for a broadside.

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Cannon and swivel cannon on the "Pegasus" fire at the "Empress". A cannon station on the "Empress" is struck by a cannon ball and EXPLODES.
Ball shot RIPS across the deck of the "Empress" taking down a few pirates. A cannon ball hits the jib sail and EXPLODES. Von is furious.
                       VON KAISER
Their behind us!

Von spins the ships wheel.
In the thick fog the "Pegasus" gets off another cannon volley
as the ships drift apart, she is disappearing into the fog.
Calico is standing on the deck soaking wet as Pirate Peter
unties the rope from Calico's waist.
                       CALICO (shaking cold)
Why did it take so long to pull me out?

Sir. We were in the heat of battle
engaged with the mighty "Empress"
did you see the hits we put on her?

                       CALICO (shaking cold)
No I was busy drinking sea water
being dragged around the battle
for the last two hours. Fighting
off sharks. I was drowning out their.

Aye. That was a good plan. Them
thinking the longboat was the "Pegasus".

Calico rolls his eyes as Cassieo puts a dry blanket around
him as the "Pegasus" disappears into the night fog.
On deck of the "DEVIL'S DAUGHTER" its crowded with the meanest, ugliest pirates manning the ship. Some look half dead others a strange vampire look to them. Some GROWLING at others. A blacksmith POUNDING a red hot sword on his anvil another loading his pistol. A few in their chow line with their tin cups receiving some soup.
Purell looks beautiful seated at the candle lit captain's table.
She is pouring two cups of tea
                       PURELL KAISER
I am so happy tonight.

Purell smiles at someone. Across the table.
                       PURELL KAISER
I am so happy to be with my grandfather.

CAPTAIN HECTOR KAISER a wicket ugly looking man, head of the
Kaiser vampire family, their grandfather, grins back at his granddaughter.
                       HECTOR KAISER
And you child, so beautiful. And
my grandson Von so handsome.

Purell smiles at him.
                       HECTOR KAISER
I'm not worried about Calico
Criss. We'll have our treasure
back. Twenty one of our ships.
His one. And he hasn't seen me eat.

Hector opens his mouth and shows Purell his huge fangs, his
mouth drooling like a hungry wolf. Purell smiles back showing her fangs.
                       PURELL KAISER
Those fangs of yours grandfather even scare me.

                       HECTOR KAISER
And wait till Calico sees my crew from hell.

Hector smiles then hisses a wolf like GROWL.
The "Pegasus" is cutting through the sea. It's a foggy night with full moon out. Calico is behind the wheel and Peter and Tar are near him.
We have lost them Captain.

Of course, Your captain knows what hes doing.

Up in the crows nest Pirate WILLIAM FANCY yells down to them.
                       WILLIAM FANCY
Ships ho! Off the port bow!

Tar hands Calico a spyglass, He looks ahead with it. He sees the silhouette of five ships heading right towards them. Up in the crow's nest William yells down again.
                       WILLIAM FANCY
Five more off the starboard bow!

Tar is looking through his spy glass and sees ten more ships heading at them port side he can see British flags. One is a huge ship on the line.
Ten ships port side!

Calico spins his spyglass starboard and sees five more ships
heading at them. William yells down again.
Their British war ships I see
their flags. One ship of the line
it should be in England!

Calico spins the wheel hard, turning the ship away from the
British war ships, he looks up at his skull and cross bone flag.
If we can see their flags, they can see ours.

Its the whole bloody Royal Navy after us.

We'll be heading back towards the Empress.

Correct. And as close to her as we
can get. She'll keep the British busy all night.

Peter smiles at Calico's plan.
On deck Doctor Wickman, with Anne and crew is looking
through his spy glass at the turning "Pegasus".
                       DOCTOR WICKMAN
We'll follow that ship. Their pirates alright.

On deck Tar is behind the ship's wheel and Calico is looking through his spy glass when he sees the "Empress" break out of the fog heading right at them.
"Empress"! She's dead ahead, take up
sail to slow down!

Calico yells up to Peter who's behind him on the upper deck.
Peter! They behind us?

Aye Twenty hungry British war ships!

Very good. They'll want the "Empress" more that us.

Up in the crow's nest William yells down.
                       WILLIAM FANCY
Captain! Behind the "Empress"! More ships.

Calico looks ahead and sees twenty of Hector's ghost like
pirate ships behind the "Empress" coming out of the fog that is lifting.
Not good. Tar hard port side!

Tar spins the ship's wheel.
The twenty British war ships that include the "Revenge" are headed at the "Empress" and Hector's twenty pirate ships, and right in the middle of them all is the "Pegasus".
Prepare to fire on the "Empress"! Lower our colors.

Cassieo approaches Calico.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
I'm ready to fight at your side Captain.

I have a plan tonight and everyone
must follow my orders.

                       CASSIEO KAISER
I'll do anything you want Captain.

Good. Now go back in the cabin and stay their.

Cassieo looks puzzled and disappointed.
That's a order. And get in your
casket. There will be silver shot
flying every were.

Purell is on deck with Hector, pirates are readying for the
battle. Hector looks down at the main deck.
                       HECTOR KAISER
Bring up my pirates!

Crewmen open the lower deck hatches and gargoyle vampire pirates make their way up the stairs onto the main deck, they stretch their wings, hissing and showing their fangs ready for a fight
Royal Navy sailors and solders are loading their muskets and pistols with silver ball shot. Sailors are loading cannons with silver ball shot . Solders with muskets are climbing the rigging.
                       SOLDIER 1
A handsome reward for every
vampire we take down.

                       SOLDIER 2
And ten fold for the man who takes
down Von Kaiser.

Sailors from below are bringing up wooded stakes and spears with sharpened tips. Anne is near Doctor Wickman looking their spyglasses at the "Pegasus". Anne spots Calico.
                       ANNE BONNY
Doctor Wickman. I know that man.

                       DOCTOR WICKMAN
Are they pirates?

                       ANNE BONNY
Not exactly sir. More like
treasure hunters. He's not a
vampire. He's a good man sir. He
led us to them.

                       DOCTOR WICKMAN
Your sure of this? If they fire on
us we'll ram them.

                       ANNE BONNY
He's not a vampire. That's Calico
Criss. He must of heard of the
bounty on the vampires. At one
time he was a pirateer for the

                       DOCTOR WICKMAN
Otto tell them not to fire on that
center ship. And get near it so we
can cover it from our own ships

Yes sir.

The "Pegasus" has it's side toward the incoming bow of the Empress.

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! The cannon on the Pegasus fire on the Empress.
Wickman, Anne and crew watch as the "Pegasus" fires again on the "Empress".
                       ANNE BONNY
See, their firing at the pirate ships.

                       DOCTOR WICKMAN
Hinrick tell them to cover for that lead ship.

Yes sir.

On Hector's pirate ships iron cages are being brought up from below that are filled with the small bats from hell. Gargoyle vampires are getting ready to fly off onto the
British ships. All hell breaks loose! As British war ships fire on the pirate ships and the pirates ships fire back. A full blown naval battle ensues. Von's little bats from hell
dive bomb the British ships, causing disruption and panic on the British ships. Soldiers shoot and hack at them with their swords. All the ships are converging around the
Pegasus. As sailors and pirates alike throw lines with hooks on them at each other's ships pulling them closer. Pirates on rope lines tied to mast yardarms swing onto the British ships fighting.
Gargoyle vampires leap and fly over to the British ships. The fighting is hand-to-hand with the gargoyle vampires. Vampires rip into the sailors and soldiers are shooting and
staking the vampires. Shots from swivel cannon on all ships spray the decks of the opposing ships. Men and vampires screaming at each other in the mist of cannon fire, men and vampires falling dead left and right. Lines of soldiers fire muskets at the pirates and gargoyle vampires, the pirates are shooting back. The "Empress" and "Pegasus" get near each other and fire cannons at each other. A British war ship fires and hits the "Empress" on her water line.
Below deck explosions rock the cannon crews as pirates are
killed from the blasts.
On deck Shots from British swivel cannon spray the deck pirates and vampires are shot. Near by a different pirate ship is on fire and sinking fast, pirates and vampires
jumping overboard. Smoke fills the air. Cannon balls scream by.
Captain we took a bad hit and are taking on water.

                       VON KAISER
Good this will give the men
incentive to jump ship onto the
Pegasus and take her. Get more
hooks and ropes ready to snag her.

As the ships get closer Von and his crew don't see any of Calico's crew on deck, then Von spots Calico up on the high mast with a line wrapped around his arm. Von points to him.
                       VON KAISER
See that man on the mast! That's
their Captain. Don't kill him he's

Near by a British ship is smoking and sinking men are jumping overboard. Von addresses ten of his Gargoyle vampire pirates they are part man, part gargoyle bat creatures their wings out stretched ready for a fight,ugly looking creatures, hissing showing their fangs.
                       VON KAISER
You ten will jump their ship first
when I give the order to jump. The
rest of you men follow. Kill everyone of them!

Von's crew throws lines with hooks on them over to the Pegasus and start pulling it in closer. The rest of his human pirate crew is ready with pistols and swords ready.
The Gargoyle vampires take their positions getting up on the side rail ready to pounce. The ships get closer. Von has fire in his eyes as he yells.
                       VON KAISER

Calico jumps off the mast holding the line, using himself as a counter balance, pulleys humming as he goes down, and rows of sharpened six foot wood spears rise up from the deck on a angle pointed outward. Then Calico's crew get up from hiding behind the deck wall sides, all crewmen have their stakes ready and pistols loaded with silver ball shot.

There are boards of wood on the deck floor with wood spikes fixed sticking up from them. The Gargoyle vampires are half jumping half flying, flapping their wings but crashing into the spikes, it is a massacre Calico's men are hacking them with their stakes and shooting them with silver bullets. In a very short time all ten are dead. Some of Von's pirates jump over to the "Pegasus" as well and are shot.

At close range the cannons on the "Pegasus" fire point blank into Von's ship "Empress", the ship rocks from the hits. Von tries to rally his men.
                       VON KAISER
This ship is sinking get on the
"Pegasus"! Abandon ship!

Then Von sees the Revenge ship bump into the "Empress" from the other side, he turns to look and sees Wickman's crew are jumping to his ship from the other side. Fighting is fierce. Criss walking down the side rail approaches OLD PIRATE who is knelling next to a wooded box filled with preloaded pistols as Calico passes him the old pirate hands two pistols to him.

 Calico takes one in each hand and walks on. Pirate Tar is fending off a gargoyle vampire, he stabs him through the heart with his sword, the vampire screams as he meets his death. A gargoyle vampire flies down and digs his claws into Tar's shoulders, Tar screams in pain as the vampire starts to fly off with him. Calico turns to see Tar being picked up, takes aim and shoots the vampire. The vampire screams in pain as he and Tar fall to the deck.

Peter runs over to Tar and with his cutlass then cuts the legs of the vampire off leaving the feet with claws in Tar's shoulders. The old pirate sitting near the side rail is reloading pistols as fast as he can with silver ball shot. A small bat from hell dives down and lands on Calico's violin case, he digs his claws into it and starts to fly off with it. The old pirate sees the bat.
                       OLD PIRATE
Calico your violin case!

Calico spins around to see the bat flying off with his violin case, he takes aim and shoots BANG. The silver ball shot goes through the violin case, as the bat flies off with it.
Now I'm mad.

The "Devil's Daughter" ship slides up next to "Revenge" ship. Captain Hector Kaiser is on the bridge with Purell at his side, he yells orders to his gargoyle vampires and pirates below.
Tie up to the Revenge!

A bat from hell flying above looks down and sees the four ships are now side by side, their sides touching each other. The "Devil's Daughter" is tied off to the "Revenge", the "Revenge" tied to the "Empress", and the "Empress" tied to the "Pegasus".
                       HECTOR KAISER
Free my dogs!

Pirates on the "Devil's Daughter" slide a wooden ramp over to the "Revenge". A iron cage from below deck is pulled up, it's filled with vampire wolfs. The wolfs are GROWLING and showing their fangs. The cage door is opened and the vampire wolfs run out of the cage across the ramp over onto the "Revenge", attacking Doctor Wickman's crewmen.
On deck crewmen are being attacked and bitten by the vampire wolfs. A crewman stakes one of the vampire wolf 's it HOWLS as it dies. Otto spots a vampire wolf charging towards him. The vampire wolf jumps onto Otto, knocking him down. The vampire wolf tugs at Otto's arm. Gurhard is nearby and slams his silver headed axe into the wolf's side, it HOWLS before dieing. Anne is near Doctor Wickman as he holds up his
silver headed throwing axe.
                       DOCTOR WICKMAN
Throw axes!

A row of Wickman's crewmen throw their silver headed axes at gargoyle vampires and pirates on the Devils daughter. Gargoyle vampires and pirates yell in pain as the axes
thrown at them by Wickman's crewmen hit them. Doctor Wickman points to the "Devils Daughter" ship and yells.
                       DOCTOR WICKMAN

Vampire hunters with their leather hats from the "Revenge" ship swing over and onto the "Devil's Daughter", others climb over the side rails onto her. The fighting is fierce.
Anne looks and sees Zak sword fighting one of Wickman's men. Anne makes her way over onto the "Devil's Daughter" trying to get to Zak then she spots Purell. Purell at the same moment see Anne there eyes lock. Zak is sword-fighting Otto near Purell. Anne heads for Purell sword ready and pistol pointed at Purell.
                       ANNE BONNY
I want my man back!

As Anne gets near Purell.
                       PURELL KAISER
You'll have to kill me first.

Purell shows her fangs and starts to turn into a Gargoyle vampire, her wings come out, her claws come out, her face changes, but its taking a little to long to change over.
Anne takes her silver tipped sword and rams it into Purell's heart, then steps back and shoots BANG Purell in the forehead. Purell lets out a blood-chilling scream. Everyone startled
and pause to look. Hector looks at Purell. Her skin blackens and then starts to fall off her face. She falls to the deck. The skin is falling off her face exposing her skull. Hector is shocked then yells.
                       HECTOR KAISER

Anne sees Zak fighting near her with Otto, she takes her lead leather rapped black jack and cracks Zak over the head with it knocking him out. Zak falls to the deck and she says to Otto who was fighting him.
                       ANNE BONNY
This ones mine.

Anne gets on top of Zak protecting him.
                       ANNE BONNY
Zak I'm sorry are you alright.

Hector sees Anne laying next to Zak on the deck and he starts to transform into a gargoyle vampire.  Zak opens his eyes and sees and knows its Anne. Purell's spell has been broken. He is still a little dazed and confused.  A dark shadow quickly covers both of them. They look up and see Hector now a gargoyle vampire standing over them ready to pounce on them. He shows his fangs.

Gurhard behind Hector throws his silver headed axe at Hector . The axe spins end over end then finds its mark Hector 's back. The impact jerks Hector as he screams in pain, as he turns. Hinrick runs up to Hector and plants his silver headed axe into Hector 's chest. Hector starts to shake in pain as his skin starts to turn black and flake off.

Hector looks down at the silver axe stuck in his chest then his eye's look up to see he's staring down the barrel of a pistol. Doctor Wickman fires his pistol BANG at Hector's face, the silver ball shot strikes Hector in the forehead. Hector stands for a moment, staggers, then falls dead at Anne's feet.
Calico's crew is still fighting Von's crew. Von sees Calico
and jumps onto the "Pegasus".
                       VON KAISER
Calico your a dead man!

Von hacks down two of Calico's crew on his way to him. Calico and he start to sword fight. They make their way fighting down the side up near the captains quarters. They lock swords at the handles, face to face.
                       VON KAISER
I'm going to suck every drop of blood out of you!

Von shows his fangs and he starts to turn into a gargoyle vampire. He grabs Calico and throws him to the deck. Calico lying on a thick deck plank. A cannon fires from a British warship and the cannon ball hits the main mast post on the "Empress". A loud CRACK sound as the mast starts to fall towards the "Pegasus". Von looks over seeing the falling mast post. Calico laying on the deck looks up to see the yardarm heading down towards him, his eyes widen. It looks like a large T square falling from the "Empress" onto Calico on the "Pegasus". The yardarm falls at the end of the plank, near Calico's feet where hes laying, and the huge impact catapults Calico up into the air.
Everyone watching as Calico is shot upward, all the way up to the crow's nest. Calico grabs onto the crow's nest. Pirate William in the crow's nest pokes his head out and
looks surprised to see Calico.
                       WILLIAM FANCY

Just checking on you mate.

Pirate William hands Calico a pistol. Calico can see the Rumrunner sinking below then spots a line from his pulley system, wraps his arm around it and jumps. Calico smoothly lowers himself back down to the deck near Von who is now a gruesome gargoyle vampire. Calico points his pistol at him.

Where were we? Oh yes. Silver bullet mate.

Calico shoots Von in the chest near his heart. The impact knocks Von down. Von gets back up hissing, showing his fangs. He grabs Calico then throws him. Calico goes flying into the wall next to the captain's door. Calico is almost knocked out from hitting so hard. But manages to pull his other pistol out aiming it at the gargoyle gruesome vampire Von
                       VON KAISER
You have to hit the heart. You
were high by a inch.

Von gets ready to pounce on Calico laying on the deck.
Calico aims his pistol at Von.
Silver bullet mate. Let me try that again.

Calico fires, Von is knocked backwards and falls. Calico gives a sigh of relief. But Von gets back up, and with a gargoyle voice. He points to his heart. Laughing.
                       VON KAISER
You have to hit the heart. You
were low by a inch.

Von poises himself ready to pounce on Calico, just as the cabin door opens a crack. Cassieo tosses Calico her derringer pistol. Calico cachets it. The door closes. Von charges Calico. Calico aims and fires just as Von jumps on him. Von rolls off him screaming holding his chest. Von's skin is turning black and is falling off his face.

Everyone looking at Von as he tries to get up then falls to the deck dead. The fighting stops as everyone watches Calico approaches Von's body. Von's blacken skin has fallen off. Calico kicks his skull and it rolls across the deck. The rest of Von's
crew drop their weapons. The vampire curse is broken, gargoyle vampires and cursed pirates become normal again. Calico's and Doctor Wickman's men cheer in victory. Water is bubbling up through the deck planks.
The Pegasus is going down! Abandon ship!

Everyone on the "Pegasus" start coming on board the "Revenge".  The Pegasus is tilting away flooded. Tar and Peter help Cassieo on board the "Revenge" ship. Calico and Cassieo embrace. Pirates are cutting the lines to the "Pegasus" so she doesn't pull the "Revenge" ship down with her.
Calico looks at the "Pegasus", all the treasures on deck, stacks of gold bars, she's sinking fast. He is depressed.
My treasure.
Everyone watches the "Pegasus" go under.
The next morning most everyone is gathered in the dinning area eating breakfast and talking. Calico and Cassieo are not their. A courier approaches Wickman and gives him a letter from the Royal church, red wax seal on it.
Sir this letter arrived for you four weeks ago.

Doctor Wickman takes the letter, opens it and reads it to himself.
                       DOCTOR WICKMAN
Everyone listen up. I have just
received this dispatch from her
Majesties church. And it reads as follows.

Everyone stops what they are doing to listen.
                       DOCTOR WICKMAN
We have positive information Von
Kaiser is traveling with his three
sisters. Purell, Rushka and
Cassieo. All four must be put down.

He lowers the letter.
                       DOCTOR WICKMAN
Otto, Hinrick, Gurhard go up find
Captain Calico Criss arrest him
then hang him. Find that woman
Cassieo Kaiser and stake her. Were
going to end this today.

Doctor Wickman's men leave the room going after Calico.
Five miles out to sea away from Port Faircloth a fishing boat with good size sails is making a run for it. From behind a hooded person is behind the wheel, in front of them
is Calico. He approaches the hooded person.
Do you feel alright?

The person facing Calico removes the hood exposing her long
light brown hair, its Cassieo.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
I've never felt more alive. This
is the first time in my life I've
been in the daylight. I love it.

Remember not to much sun the first
few days, it will burn you.

On deck Calico looks over his cargo, there are a five wooden cages with chickens in them. Two crates with a pig in each one, a few kegs of rum. On the Port side a canvas covers what looks like a few small boxes. He walks over to the canvas that covers the smaller boxes and moves it aside.

There are three small treasure chests, he open one. It's filled with gold coins, and that sold gold Egyptian ankh. Calico smiles, takes a handful of coins and slowly drops them down. Cassieo looks at him and smiles. He recovers the treasure chests. He walks near Cassieo, and gets back behind the wheel.
                       CASSIEO KAISER
I forgot to tell you the other
night on the "Pegasus". A bad vampire
stole those, flew off and hid them
on Port Faircloth.

Calico smiles as the boat sails away.